Snooker Shoot Out 2023 prize money: How much the winner gets and total prize fund

The Snooker Shoot Out tournament returns in 2023 and will take place in Swansea for the first time. 

Running from Wednesday, December 6, the tournament pits together some of the best players in the sport in a very different format. 

During the event, every match lasts for a maximum of ten minutes, with a shot clock of 15 seconds for the first five minutes of each frame. That then turns to a shot clock of just ten seconds for the last five minutes.

But what’s the prize pot for the event this year and how much will the winner make? The Sporting News takes a look. 

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How much will the Snooker Shoot Out 2023 winner make? 

Organisers haven’t announced the final total on offer for this year’s champion, but it’s expected to be in a similar region to last year’s total which stood at £50,000.

In addition to that, there’s also set to be a £5,000 prize for the player with the highest break during the entire event. 

Unlike during a number of previous years, the 2023 event also carries with the potential for players to earn ranking points depending on their position and success in the competition.

Prior stars to win this event include the likes of Barry Hawkins and Hossein Vafaei, whilst English star Chris Wakelin won the tournament that last took place in January of this year in Leicester, beating Belgian Julien Leclercq in the final. 

Chris Wakelin sits in his seat with his cue at the 2023 Northern Ireland Open with a display screen to the right of him that has got his name on.

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What is the Snooker Shoot Out 2023 prize fund?

Organisers have not confirmed the total prize fund for this year’s tournament but last year’s totalled £171,000 and can be broken down as follows.

As well as the winner taking home a cheque for £50,000 if they win the 2023 Snooker shoot Out title, all players who take part in the event will win a share of the total prize fund. 

The biggest amount of money, other than for the winner, will go to the runner-up who will likely win £20,000 for their performance in Swansea. Semifinalists will win £8,000 whilst the four losing quarter finalists will take home £4,000. 

After that, the prize fund allows for players in the last 16 to win £2,000 and those who reach the last of 32 stage, £1,000. There’s also nominal prize money for players who feature in the last 64 (£500) and last 128 (£250). 


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