Travis Kelce prop bets for Bills vs. Chiefs: Will Kelce have another big game with Taylor Swift back?

The Kansas City Chiefs return home this week to host the Buffalo Bills. After attending the road game in Green Bay last week, many expect the queen of Arrowhead Stadium, Taylor Swift, to return and attend her first Chiefs home game since the team’s 31-17 win against the Chargers in Week 7.

Travis Kelce had his best game of the season with Taylor Swift in attendance that week, with 12 receptions, 179 yards and a touchdown. Kelce had a solid game last week with Swift at Lambeau, racking up four receptions for 81 yards. With the Chiefs trying to bounce back from their first loss with Taylor Swift in attendance, expect Travis Kelce to have a huge game. 

We have all the information about the best value Travis Kelce props for their game against the Bills in Kansas City on Sunday. Check out our favorite Travis Kelce prop bets we expect to hit and our prediction on whether Taylor Swift will go to the game, which we have gotten right several weeks in a row.

Travis Kelce stats with and without Taylor Swift in attendance

In five games with Taylor Swift in attendance, Travis Kelce averages:

  • 7.6 receptions
  • 103 receiving yards

In six games where Taylor Swift was not in attendance, Travis Kelce averaged:

  • 6 receptions
  • 50 receiving yards

It had been four games since Travis Kelce had his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, supporting him in person. He had only one game over 50 receiving yards during that stretch and only averaged 9.4 yards per reception. With Swift in Lambeau, he had a strong game and averaged 20.3 yards per reception. 

Some hate the narrative, and others find it hilarious that Kelce plays better with Swift in attendance. Taylor Swift spoke to the media about her relationship with Travis Kelce for the first time this week, telling “Time” magazine, “I’m just there to support Travis. I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much and pissing off a few dads, Brads and Chads.” Directly from the pop star herself, she wants to support Travis, and it makes sense that he excels when she is at his games. 

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs live odds: NFL Week 14

Check out the spread, moneyline, and total points live odds for the Bills vs. Chiefson primetime game on Sunday, available at the best online sportsbooks.

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Travis Kelce props NFL Week 14

Here are the best odds on specific Kelce props on our favorite sports betting apps.

Travis Kelce props at FanDuel Sportsbook

  • 69.5 receiving yards OVER (-114) / UNDER (-114)
  • 40+ receiving yards (-500)
  • 50+ receiving yards (-280)
  • 60+ receiving yards (-180)
  • 70+ receiving yards (-114)
  • 80+ receiving yards (+130)
  • 90+ receiving yards (+182)
  • 100+ receiving yards (+260)
  • 110+ receiving yards (+360)
  • 125+ receiving yards (+550)
  • 150+ receiving yards (+1000)

With Swift at his games, Kelce has gone OVER 69.5 receiving yards in three out of five chances. His average is over 100 yards receiving with Swift there, too, so expect him to hit the over and likely approach 100-plus yards.

Travis Kelce props at BetMGM Sportsbook

  • 6.5 receptions OVER (+100) / UNDER (-130)
  • Longest reception 20.5 yards OVER (-120) / UNDER (-115)

Over 11 games played, Kelce has gone OVER 6.5 receptions five times, with three of them coming with Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game. The notable prop from BetMGM, though, is the longest reception. Kelce has had a reception over 20.5 yards five times this season, but four of those have come with Taylor Swift at the game.

Travis Kelce props at Caesars Sportsbook

  • First touchdown scorer (+500)
  • Anytime touchdown scorer (-133)
  • 2+ touchdowns (+400)
  • 3+ touchdowns (+1400)
  • Last touchdown scorer (+500)

Touchdowns are tough to predict because even with a big week last week, Kelce did not find the end zone. The only thing the star tight end does not do better with Swift in attendance is find the end zone, as he has only scored two touchdowns in the five games she has been at the game.

Travis Kelce props at Bet365 Sportsbook

  • Longest reception 6.5 yards OVER (-115) / UNDER (-115)
  • 5+ receptions (-400)
  • 6+ receptions (-190)
  • 7+ receptions (-105)
  • 8+ receptions (+195)
  • 9+ receptions (+330)
  • 10+ receptions (+600)

Kelce has not been as heavily targeted in recent weeks, with only five (four receptions) against Green Bay and seven (six receptions) two weeks ago against the Raiders. Remember that he averages 7.6 receptions in games where Taylor Swift is there. Kelce has also performed well against the Bills, with eight receptions in the last two times the Chiefs played Buffalo.

Odds that Taylor Swift will attend Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs in NFL Week 14

There are no official reports on whether Taylor Swift will go to the Chiefs game in Week 14. The pop star has no known schedule conflicts as her Era’s Tour is on a break, so she should be available.

While there are no actual betting odds at legal sportsbooks, we Taylor Swift to attend the Bills vs. Chiefs game. There are three reasons why we think it is more likely she will attend than not:

  • First, she is available, schedule-wise, to attend the game. 
  • Second, after her interview with “Time” magazine she made it clear she wants to support Travis when she is available.
  • Third, in past weeks, when she has not attended games, news broke by the end of the week that she would not be attending; with that not happening yet, no news is good news if you are hoping she goes to the game.

Best Travis Kelce prop bets for Bills vs. Chiefs

Travis Kelce Longest reception yards OVER 

We find it likely that Taylor Swift is at the game on Sunday for NFL Week 14, and Travis Kelce has had a reception OVER 20.5 yards in four of the five games she has attended.

Travis Kelce receiving yards OVER 

Two things come into play for this bet. Kelce has good games against the Bills and plays well with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, supporting him in person. Follow the trends, and this one seems likely.


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