Derrick Henry passing stats: Titans RB adds to impressive record with touchdown vs. Seahawks

King Henry needs a new crown.

Derrick Henry is one of the game’s greatest-ever runners. But it’s with his arm that the Titans running back proves especially ruthless. Henry has a higher career completion percentage than Joe Burrow and a better touchdown-to-interception ratio than Aaron Rodgers. Oh, and did we mention that he has accumulated nearly 10,000 rushing yards over the course of his career?

In another life, Henry is a quarterback, and a damn good one at that. He flashed his arm talent once more in Week 16, tossing yet another score to add to his glittering career total.

Henry leapt over the willows that surrounded him in the trenches, firing a sumptuous dart to a wide-open Chig Okonkwo. It’s just what he does when he gets a chance to dust off the old cannon.

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Here’s what you need to know about Henry and the art of passing.

Derrick Henry passing stats

Sunday wasn’t Henry’s first rodeo when it comes to finding the promised land via aerial delivery. Henry is something of a passing wizard, sporting a career stat-line that would leave the sport’s greatest passers green with envy.

Henry’s career passing totals are as follows: 7-of-9 for 37 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions. That’s good for a quarterback rating of 117.5. For those wondering, that’s nearly 14 points higher than Patrick Mahomes’ career rating, which is best among qualified throwers in NFL history.

Now, is Henry a better QB than Mahomes? You can be the judge of that. There’s no doubt, though, that Henry has a flair for the dramatic once he gets a chance to air it out.

His scores have an air of beauty to them, almost as if he’s a conductor coaxing sweet, sweet melodies from his orchestra. He’s done it all, from delicate feathers against top-tier competition…

…to jump passes.

He could be approaching the twilight of his career as an elite runner. But Henry will always have a spot on a roster, at least as long as he can keep skewering defenses alive with his rocket arm.


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