Why does Maxx Crosby have two Xs in his name? Size, birth weight contribute to name’s unique spelling

You know him and you love him, so long as you’re not Patrick Mahomes.

Maxx Crosby doesn’t shy away from going against one of the best QBs in the game right now. The two are part of a pretty heated rivalry, which doesn’t even include the rest of the Chiefs and Raiders squads. They meet again this Christmas Day.

While there are many things about Crosby that stick out to NFL fans, one commonly asked question is as simple as it can get. His first name is spelled with two Xs. Why? Is it short for something unique?

Here’s why the Raider was named Maxx.

Maxx Crosby name spelling 

The extra X in Crosby’s name essentially stands for extra-large. Crosby’s mom already decided on the name, so she threw in the extra letter for comical effect and to make him stand out even more.

He was born at 11 pounds and nine ounces; big enough as a newborn that the doctor had to break his clavicle to get him out. Crosby revealed the info on Twitter in 2020 after his rookie season with the Raiders.

The defensive end currently stands at 6-5 and 255 pounds. He ranks third in total tackles for Las Vegas and has a whopping 13.5 sacks this season.


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