Christian McCaffrey touchdown wins NFL bettor $489,000 as final score of 14-leg parlay bet

Some might call it skill, others may call it luck and a few may even consider it a Christmas miracle.

On Christmas Day, a bettor netted nearly $500,000 thanks to Christian McCaffrey’s diving touchdown late in the first half of “Monday Night Football” between the 49ers and Ravens. The betting slip, which was shared ahead of “MNF,” was a $5 bet on a 14-leg touchdown parlay — after each of the first 13 legs hit, it was up to McCaffrey.

DraftKings Sportsbook brought attention to the betting slip ahead of the game with a tweet that read “A CMC TOUCHDOWN AWAY FROM $489K.” With many intrigued eyes watching, McCaffrey delivered with 3:23 remaining in the second quarter.

Here’s a look at how one bettor secured one of the best Christmas Day gifts possible.

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How bettor won $489,000 on NFL touchdown parlay

As mentioned, the bettor placed a $5 bet on a 14-pick touchdown parlay. Here’s the complete list of players that needed to come through for the bet to yield winnings of $489,383.01.

  • Najee Harris, Steelers
  • Gabriel Davis, Bills
  • Jahmyr Gibbs, Lions
  • DK Metcalf, Seahawks
  • Jerome Ford, Browns
  • Chris Rodriguez Jr., Commanders
  • Jonathan Taylor, Colts
  • Calvin Ridley, Jaguars
  • James Conner, Cardinals
  • Raheem Mostert, Dolphins
  • Javonte Williams, Broncos
  • Isiah Pacheco, Chiefs
  • D’Andre Swift, Eagles
  • Christian McCaffrey, 49ers

The bet spanned players on 14 different teams, meaning 14 of the 16 NFL games played in Week 16 were involved. After Harris and Davis scored on Saturday, nine of the necessary touchdown scorers crossed the plane on Sunday.

On Monday, it came down to Pacheco, Swift and McCaffrey. 

Despite Kansas City’s offensive struggles in its loss to Las Vegas, Pacheco scored on a 12-yard touchdown run as the team employed some trickery midway through the second quarter.

In the second game of the day, Swift ran for a five-yard touchdown to give the Eagles much-needed separation as they pulled away from the Giants.

And to bring it home, McCaffrey’s nine-yard rush completed the improbable 14-leg parlay, resulting in winnings that near $500,000.

In the holiday spirit, he watched it all unfold as he wore a Santa suit next to his friends.


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