Sam LaPorta-Olivia Rodrigo fake dating rumors, explained: How untrue story started with a viral joke tweet

NFL tight ends have had quite a busy season, particularly when it comes to their personal lives.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift took the world by storm when the singer first attended a Chiefs game. The now-couple have come a long way, though the shock hasn’t worn off.

At this point, the wives and girlfriends of players are often more popular than the players themselves; Allison Kuch, who’s married to the Raiders’ Isaac Rochell, has amassed three million TikTok followers, while Alix Earle, who’s dating Miami’s Braxton Berrios, has over six million followers on the platform.

It doesn’t stop there, as fans are already predicting the new it-couple.

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Sam LaPorta is the latest victim to take center stage. How did the internet rumors between him and Olivia Rodrigo begin?

Sam LaPorta-Olivia Rodrigo dating rumors

In his rookie season, LaPorta has already worked his way up as one of the best TEs in the league. The Lion has the most touchdowns (9) of any player in his position. It’s been joked that he’s already taken over Kelce’s spot as the best tight end.

Naturally, in honor of being one of the top TEs, LaPorta needs to be dating a popstar like Kelce and Swift. Olivia Rodrigo was immediately a frontrunner, and a perfect one at that. Rodrigo has often referred to Swift as her muse, and she has her own tour coming up. She’s within age range, too, only two year’s younger than LaPorta.

On Dec. 16, Tej Seth jokingly declared he would test the lengths of social media rumors.

“All Sam LaPorta needs is a celebrity girlfriend and he’ll be considered the best tight end in the NFL,” he posted.

The joke was never taken too serious, but many still got a kick out of it, telling LaPorta “Good 4 U” — and it has continued to take on a life of its own as Seth’s out-of-context tweet makes the rounds by word of mouth.

Sorry to disappoint, but the singer seems to be dating actor Louis Partridge. It hasn’t been made official by either, though.

LaPorta, on the other hand, is still going strong with his college sweetheart. He and Callie Dellinger made it official in December of 2019. While they’re both from Illinois, they met at Iowa when they were both freshman.


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