World Darts Championship final result & highlights as Humphries overhauls Littler to win fourth straight major

New world number one Luke Humphreys recovered from 4-2 behind against 16-year-old Luke Littler to secure his fourth straight major title out of five by winning the World Darts Championship in a final that lived up to expectations at London’s Alexandra Palace.

On a night when almost all of the focus had been on Littler’s fairytale run to the final, pre-tournament favourite Humphries shared the first four sets with the prodigy, who was roared on by a typically excitable crowd at an event which has drawn record viewing figures.

In a demonstration of both players’ nerves and resilience, Littler responded by blasting his way to a 4-2 lead – only for a 170 from Humphries to set the stone from the seventh set, the 28-year-old winning the next five sets despite Littler continuing to impress.

The youngter’s remarkable campaign was scarcely believable and Littler missed a dart to move 5-2 ahead in what proved a pivotal moment.

Luke Littler vs. Luke Humphries result

  Sets  Legs  Final
Littler 4 0


Humphries 7 0


The stardust around the likeable Littler – a player whose outspoken commitment to his pre-match diet of omelettes had made him all the more endearing – was such that Humphreys occasionally had to contend with boos, but the atmosphere never descended into disrespect for the form player of the last three months.

Humphreys fell to his knees at the end, looking understandably drained while Littler applauded and approached the new champion to embrace him.

The player known as ‘Cool Hand Luke’ had never won a major before 2023 and had been beyond the quarterfinals at the championship in six attempts.

Littler missed out on breaking the record as the youngest ever champion by eight years but had the sizeable consolation of the £200,000 runner-up windfall, while Humphries secured the top prize of £500,000.

Humphries wants more after beating Littler in World Darts final 

Humphries hit formidable top form against Scott Williams in his semifinal, winning 6-0 to set up a showdown with Littler in which the man who had been most pundits’ tip before the action began was forced to play second fiddle in terms of media coverage.

The 19th win in a row he recorded in the final would have felt a far-off prospect for the former world youth champion – in common with Littler – when his last-16 match against Joe Cullen went to sudden death.

“I cannot put into words how great this feels,” Humphries told Sky Sports Darts, acknowledging the transformative impact Littler could have if his trajectory continues.

“In the back of my mind, throughout today, I was thinking ‘get this one now because he is going to dominate world darts soon.’

“He’s an incredible player and when I was on the brink of winning he was so relentless. I was really proud of the performance there. He’s an incredible talent and I had to win this one tonight. He’s going to win plenty, I’m sure.”

“I’ll draw a lot from this and this will be a moment that will never be forgotten. I don’t want to say that I’ve completed darts but everything that you want on the resume I’ve done now, so it’s now about motivating yourself to do more and more. I want to be double world champion and win loads of majors.”

Neither Humphries nor Littler looked entirely unflappable, frequently showing their emotions in a match which witnessed numerous thrilling changes of momentum.

“It makes it more incredible because there was a time in my life when I was really depressed,” said Humphries, passionately thanking his family. “I couldn’t do it on the big stage and had a lot of problems. It’s proved a lot about my mental ability. As much as I’ve gone up and won it, without them, I wouldn’t have the trophy right now.”

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World Darts Championship final updates, highlights as Luke Humphries beats Luke Littler

Littler* 4-7 Humphries (2-3)

Is this it? Luke Littler has venom in his darts but Luke Humphries retorts with another maximum.

Humphries requires 125 to become a champion. He smiles after a near-miss, then Littler misses a double. Humphries completes the job with a D8! he drops to his knees after winning the title!

Littler applauds and shakes his hand. The world number one has done it after a thrilling, draining final!

Littler 4-6 Humphries* (2-2)

Luke Littler hits a 12th 180 of his own but Luke Humphries does enough to hold.

Littler* 4-6 Humphries (2-1)

With an abundance of pressure on him, Luke Littler makes light work of a D16, hitting it at the first attempt to ward off a break again.

Littler 4-6 Humphries* (1-1)

It’s a 22nd 180 for Luke Humphries, who holds.

Littler* 4-6 Humphries (1-0)

Luke Humphries hits 100 twice but Luke Littler finds the D10 to hold. At this stage, no time for any of that persistent breaking we witnessed not so long ago.

Littler* 4-6 Humphries (1-3)

A final-dart D18 takes Luke Humphries a set away from winning the title! There was a 180 on the way there, as well.

Littler 4-5 Humphries* (1-2)

Both players miss the bull, and Luke Humphries finds the D8 to move a leg away from a two-set lead.

Littler* 4-5 Humphries (1-1)

A superb hold from Littler, who hits 170, pumps his fists and roars.

Littler 4-5* Humphries (0-1)

Luke Littler misses the bull, allowing Luke Humphries back in to hit the D16 and hold.

Littler* 4-5 Humphries (2-3)

Luke Humphries starts with another 180. Luke Littler throws a 139, then misses out on a shot at the bull to settle it by the slenderest of margins.

Luke Humphries takes a third successive set! From a dart at D2 for a 5-2 lead, Luke Littler is behind again.

Littler 4-4 Humphries* (2-2)

Luke Humphries misses three set darts. Luke Littler takes full advantage with a D10.

Littler* 4-4 Humphries (1-2)

Luke Littler almost loses the leg, then misses twice in pursuit of the D3. But he does the job on his final dart to hold.

Littler 4-4 Humphries* (0-2)

A gutsy hold from Luke Humphries, who responds to a 165 from Luke Littler by hitting 108.

Littler* 4-4 Humphries (0-1)

Luke Humphries finishes on a double 16 to immediately break in what is now a best-of-five world championship final.

Littler* 4-4 Humphries (1-3)

Luke Humphries finishes on the bull! His average for the set is more than 114. The stuff of champions – but this final is in the balance.

Littler 4-3 Humphries* (1-2)

Just when Luke Humphries looks to be cruising, Luke Littler produces the latest break after Humphries gives him a way in with 74 required.

Littler* 4-3 Humphries (0-2)

An 11-darter from Luke Humphries, who makes a dream start to his attempt to level the scores after eight sets.

Littler 4-3 Humphries* (0-1)

Luke Humphries hits a record 902nd 180 of the tournament – collectively, not on his own – on his way to a hold to start a set he looks determined to win.

Littler* 4-3 Humphries (2-3)

A thrilling set ends in what feels like a really important victory for Luke Humphries, who came through fire to reduce arrears to one.

Luke Littler is left looking rueful after missing on D2 following a 180 from Humphries.

Littler 4-2 Humphries* (2-2)

You’ll never guess what happens next. A 122 gives Littler the break, and Luke Humphries grimaces.

Littler* 4-2 Humphries (1-2)

The highlight of this third successive break is Luke Littler almost holding but narrowly missing the bull. Humphries profits from it.

Littler 4-2 Humphries* (1-1)

Just when Luke Humphries looks on the brink of taking the set, he misses with three. Luke Littler finishes on tops to break back immediately.

Littler* 4-2 Humphries (0-1)

Some response from Luke Humphries, who pumps his fist after ending a five-leg drought with a 180 followed by a 170.

Nerves of steel from both players.

Littler 4-2 Humphries* (3-0)

To nil against the darts! Luke Littler has won nine of the last 11 legs!

Luke Humphries loses two darts in this one. Littler seals the set with his final dart.

Littler* 3-2 Humphries (2-0)

Luke Humphries misses in pursuit of a 10-darter, receiving one or two boos. Luke Littler goes for the bull and misses.

Despite six perfect throws, Humphries loses the set.

Littler 3-2 Humphries* (1-0)

Luke Humphries continues where he leaves off at the end of that fifth set, enduring a nightmare start as Tottenham and England midfielder James Maddison is spotted watching on.

Luke Littler isn’t even at his best, missing three, but claims a 13-darter to break.

Littler 3-2 Humphries* (3-1)

Luke Littler is ahead in sets for the first time in this match!

This leg turns on a 43 from Luke Humphries. “He lost it,” former semifinalist Wayne Mardle says of the world number one’s last throw. “Everything just went south.

“Look at the venom from the last dart by Littler – that’s just punishment of the highest order.”

Littler* 2-2 Humphries (2-1)

Luke Littler misses with three attempts at 180 but gets there in the end after Luke Humphries misses two tries at tops. Now he wants a break.

Littler 2-2 Humphries* (1-1)

Five out of five for Luke Humphries and a 180 of his own, but he grimaces as another effort goes awry. He wins the leg comfortably, though.

Littler* 2-2 Humphries (1-0)

A 180 and a 13-dart hold for Luke Littler at the start of the fifth set. No arguing with that.

Littler 2-2 Humphries (3-1)

2008 BDO champion Mark Webster tells Sky Sports Darts it’s going to be a moment of magic or a mistake which decides this one. He reckons it’s going to stay tight.

Littler* 2-2 Humphries (3-1)

Each of Luke Littler’s first three throws are roared on by a large section of the crowd as they thud into the board. Can he even up the sets?

He does! A 131 is followed up by some wastefulness on D15, and he misses it again after Luke Humphries fails while chasing 136. Littler then finishes the job!

Littler 1-2 Humphries* (2-1)

Luke Humphries holds on tops. Luke Littler looks a little disgruntled.

Littler* 1-2 Humphries (2-0)

One of the longer sets of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action ends with Luke Littler holding on D20. Two ahead in this set.

Littler 1-2 Humphries* (1-0)

Here we go again! Luke Littler immediately breaks at the start of the fourth set, hitting the D10 with his final dart.

Littler* 1-2 Humphries (2-3)

It’s another break from Luke Humphries! Such composure, such class from both players. Humphries takes the lead via 25 on D8.

Littler 1-1 Humphries* (2-2)

A 12-dart hold from Luke Humphries. That alone must take some grit from being 2-0 down and going five legs without success.

Littler* 1-1 Humphries (2-1)

Luke Littler suddenly can’t find his range. He misses the D20 and D10. Luke Humphries punishes him by breaking back!

Littler 1-1 Humphries* (2-0)

No surprise given the way the match is going right now: Luke Littler breaks at the start of the third set! That’s five legs in a row for Littler. Luke Humphries is on the ropes, to use boxing parlance.

Littler* 1-1 Humphries (1-0)

Luke Littler continues his imperious form by finding the D20!

Littler 3-2 Humphries* (1-1)

Enthralling sporting spectacle. There are a few jeers for Luke Humphries, then a huge roar goes up as Luke Littler levels the scores!

It’s a Shanghai finish on the way to 120 this time. A few minutes ago it looked like Humphries would make it 2-0, but Littler has given him no chance there. What’s the perfect(ish) reaction to losing five legs in a row? Winning three in a go is up there.

Littler* 2-2 Humphries (0-1)

Luke Humphries makes a perfect start but Luke Littler is resolute as he reaches 142 and finishes the job in gritty fashion.

Has that momentum swung?

Littler 1-2 *Humphries (0-1)

Brilliant from Luke Littler, who still looks like he’s having fun despite a start that some might have viewed as dispiriting.

A 180 from Littler is followed by both men missing tops. Humphries could have had the set but Littler breaks via D15.

Littler* 0-2 Humphries (0-1)

Luke Littler aims for 128 but misses the bull. Luke Humphries takes the break on D2 for his fifth successive leg. Littler needs to change the momentum quickly.

Littler 0-1 *Humphries (0-1)

It was a forgettable first set for Luke Littler but the prodigy has some fun with the crowd between sets. Luke Humphries responds by taking the first leg of the second set in a serene 11 darts.

Littler 0-1 *Humphries (1-3)

Luke Humphries wins the first set on an average of 199! After opening with successive 140s, the world number one misses the D16, and Luke Littler threatens to capitalise with a 180.

Humphries finds the D8 for another 14-dart hold, taking a deserved lead. Littler is yet to settle.

Littler* 0-0 Humphries (1-2)

Another 14-darter for Luke Humphries after both players have Shanghai, Luke Littler going for the bull and falling short.

Littler 0-0 *Humphries (1-1)

A 14-dart hold for Luke Humphries, who registers the first 180 of the final.

Littler* 0-0 Humphries (1-0)

A fast pace but fairly slow start by the standards of this pair, Luke Littler holding.

2 mins to start: It’s not a dissimilar entrance from Luke Humphries, who uses both hands to gee up the crowd and takes a sup of water as he enters stage centre. Cake By the Ocean by DNCE is his tune of choice.

The Lukes have an embrace. They look sternly focused but not nervous.

‘Walking in a Littler wonderland’, boom a section of the crowd. Lovely stuff.

3 mins to start: Luke Littler is out first. He shares handshakes and hugs with a few people over the barriers in the crowds and enjoys the pyrotechnics as he strolls out in front of the cheerleaders.

‘Greenlight’ by Pitbull is his walk-out tune.

5 mins to start: The players are about to walk out. Romeo Beckham and Derek Chisora are among the celebrities in attendance. Here they come!

10 mins to start: The front of Alexandra Palace is illuminated green. Former contender Wayne Mardle says you “couldn’t really make it up” when it comes to this captivating contest.

“The last three months have belonged to Luke Humphries but the last three weeks have belonged to Luke Littler,” Mardle tells Sky Sports Darts.

“It starts in academies when they’re four, five, six years of age and it stays with you for a lifetime. Luke Littler is now going to travel the world doing what he loves.”

15 mins to start: Some fans are dressed as reindeers. Others are donning multi-coloured tracksuits and sombreros. Unfortunately, there are also some half-and-half scarves.

“It’s amazing, for a kid of 16, to turn up and do what [Littler’s] done,” says one punter, who appears to be costumed as an Oompa-Loompa – complete with extravagant eyebrows – from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, speaking to Sky Darts.

30 mins to start: We’re currently watching both players warm up in what look like dimly-lit practice rooms. The atmosphere, as you might expect, seems electric around Alexandra Palace.

Word has it that Luke Littler has won the right to throw first.

45 mins to start: “An absolute dream” is how Luke Humphries has described reaching the final, thrashing Scott Williams 6-0 to make the decider.

He’s also made friends with several of Leeds United’s players.

1 hour to start: For all the justified fervour around Luke Littler, let’s not forget that there’s another superb player involved tonight.

Luke Humphries will be the new world number one regardless of how he fares.

1 hour 15 mins to start: Here’s the luminous photo evidence of Luke Littler’s allegiance to the rugby league team whose mascot we mentioned has shown their support for his sensational run here.

1 hour 30 mins to start: Today’s Guardian reports that Wolfie, the mascot of the Warrington Wolves rugby team not far from Luke Littler’s native Runcorn, was among his fans to join him in person for his semifinal win over Rob Cross.

“Being stalked by a 7ft wolf is the least of it,” the article says, adding that Littler’s grandmother, Carol, took time off from her job as a hygiene operative at Runcorn Town Hall to watch him play.

“Here at the council we’d like to congratulate Luke, who is from Runcorn, on his fantastic achievements,” a spokesperson for Halton Borough Council said.

1 hour 45 mins to start: Hello and welcome to The Sporting News’ live coverage of the World Darts Championship final!

Ninety-six players are down to just two as Luke Littler and Luke Humphries battle it out for the Sid Waddell trophy. It’s set to be a cracker of a final, as Littler aims to complete a fairytale story that has captured the imagination of the sporting world. 

When is the World Darts Championship Final?

Humphries and Littler are all set for the final, and those flights will be striking the board from 8:00 p.m. GMT on Wednesday, January 3 2024 from Alexandra Palace in London.

Country Date Time
UK Wednesday, January 3 2024 08:00 p.m. GMT
USA Wednesday, January 3 2024 03:00 p.m. EST
Canada Wednesday, January 3 2024 03:00 p.m. EST
Australia Thursday, January 4 2024 09:00 a.m. EADT

World Darts Championship Final TV channel, live stream

World Darts Championship format

After first and second-round matches that were best-of-five sets, the third and fourth rounds were best-of-seven.

The quarterfinals were best-of-nine sets, the semifinals best-of-11 sets, and Humphries and Littler will be playing for the best-of-13 sets in the final.

Players take turns to throw at the start of each set, which are won by the first player to take three legs.

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World Darts Championship 2023/24 prize money

In reaching the final, Humphries and Littler have earned £200,000 apiece, which is one hell of a sum for both — particularly the 16-year-old Littler!

That amount will be more than doubled for whoever comes out on top at Ally Pally though, with the winner of the 2024 Championship set to be awarded £500,000.

Stage Prize money
Winner £500,000
Finalist £200,000
Semifinalist £100,000
Quarterfinalist £50,000
Round Four £35,000
Round Three £25,000
Round Two £15,000
Round One £7,500


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