Texans’ Desmond King spins on Joe Flacco’s helmet after questionable hit on Browns QB

Desmond King showed off his dance moves on top of Joe Flacco after tackling the Browns quarterback. The tackle could have merited a penalty but went uncalled.

The play occurred when Flacco scrambled up the middle four years to the Texans’ 20-yard line, and went into a slide. As he began his slide, King launched himself at Flacco and tackled him as he was going to the ground.

Following the hit, King’s momentum carried him to a 270-degree spin on top of Flacco’s helmet and back before he fell off the quarterback.

The spin was certainly an impressive dance move. But did it warrant a penalty?

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In the NFL rulebook, defenders are required to stop their tackle attempt the moment a player begins their feet-first slide. If defenders are deemed to have already committed themselves to the tackle, a foul will not be called unless the defender makes forcible contact to the head or neck.

King certainly avoided hitting the head or neck area, instead only hitting Flacco in the right arm and side as he was in his slide. The question will be at exactly what point in Flacco’s run did King commit to hitting the veteran quarterback.

The play had plenty reacting both to King’s impressive moves, as well as to the lack of a penalty.


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