Super Bowl 2024 Betting Odds – 49ers, Ravens favored heading into divisional round

The season began with 32 teams fighting for a spot in the playoffs and a shot at winning Super Bowl 58. But with the conclusion of the wild card round, the field has been reduced to eight teams. Super Bowl 58 odds have, of course, adjusted accordingly.

With each passing week of the playoffs, Super Bowl 58 odds will adjust as teams get eliminated. For the remaining teams, their odds will get shorter, and your potential payout smaller. 

So, to maximize your potential payout, you may want to place a bet sooner rather than later. Read on for all your Super Bowl betting options and the latest Super Bowl 58 betting lines offered by the top NFL betting sites in the country.

Latest Super Bowl 58 odds

Super Bowl futures are typically available to bettors throughout the year, with lines for the next Super Bowl often posted before the current one takes place. 

Following the AFC and NFC Championship games, with the final two teams in place, online sports betting sites will post game odds—including moneylines, spreads, and totals—plus Super Bowl-specific prop markets.

Here are the latest Super Bowl 58 futures odds from the best sports betting apps

AFC Super Bowl 58 Contenders

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens enter the playoffs as the betting favorite coming out of the AFC. But as good as the team looked during the regular season, bettors may want to proceed with caution.

The Ravens have been the team to beat entering the playoffs in recent years, only to lose in the wildcard or divisional game. With Baltimore’s recent playoff history and how the Texans played vs. the Browns last week, the Ravens are on upset alert. 

Next game: Saturday, Jan. 20 vs. Texans @ 4:30 p.m. ET

Buffalo Bills

The Bills offense started out hot against the Steelers last weekend but got bogged down in the second half. Luckily, the defense was able to take control of the game and keep the Pittsburgh offense in check.

A similar performance in the second half vs. a good Chiefs team could bring their postseason run to an end. Buffalo beat the Chiefs in Week 14, 20-17.

Next game: Sunday, Jan. 21 @ 6:30 p.m. ET vs. Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

This Chiefs team may not be as exciting as in years past, but it may be better suited to make a run at the Super Bowl. The passing game has not been explosive, but it hasn’t needed to be since the run game is working well and the defense is playing lights out.

If Kansas City lets the Bills get out to a 14-point lead like Buffalo did during their Week 14 game, it will be a lot harder to come back from it without some help from Josh Allen (i.e., turnovers)

Next game: Sunday, Jan. 21 @ 6:30 p.m. ET vs. Bills

Houston Texans

They were not supposed to win the division, make the playoffs, and they certainly were not supposed to beat the Browns last weekend— but they did. Baltimore won their Week 1 matchup, but the Texans defense held the Ravens to 265 yards of offense.

C.J. Stroud has come a long way since his first game in the NFL. The Texans are heavy underdogs, but bettors may not want to count them out.

Next game: Saturday, Jan. 20 vs. Texans @ 4:30 p.m. ET

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NFC Super Bowl 58 Contenders 

San Francisco 49ers

After a dominant regular season, the only acceptable finish for the 49ers is a trip to Vegas as the NFC rep in Super Bowl 58. If the team plays up to its ability, San Francisco should make it to the big game this year.

But with how the Packers have come on in the second half of the season, if the 49ers start thinking about the NFC title game too soon…

Next game: Saturday, Jan. 20 @ 8:15 p.m. ET vs. Packers

Detroit Lions

The Lions finally got the playoff monkey off their back last weekend with a win over the Rams in the wild card round. But they face a red-hot Baker Mayfield and the Buccaneers this week. If they do not take Tampa Bay seriously, their playoff dream could come to a quick end.

Detroit beat the Bucs in Week 6, 20-6.

Next game: Sunday, Jan. 21 @ 3 p.m. ET vs. Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers are proof that all teams need to do is make the postseason to have a shot. Records mean nothing; it’s all about who plays the best game when it matters most.

That was evident last weekend vs. the Eagles. It will not get any easier this weekend vs. a solid Detroit team.

Next game: Sunday, Jan. 21 @ 3 p.m. ET vs. Lions

Green Bay Packers

Jordan Love played a solid game and the defense forced Dak Prescott to make two costly errors, and now the Pack get to face the 49ers in San Francisco.

Should they take a similar mindset into Saturday’s divisional round game, the Packers could make a game of it against a heavily favored 49ers team.

Next game: Saturday, Jan. 20 @ 8:15 p.m. ET vs. 49ers

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Which online sportsbooks have the best Super Bowl 2024 odds?

If you compare the Super Bowl odds at online sportsbooks across the US, the four online sportsbooks listed below tend to stand out for both competitiveness and selection quality. 

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is always competitive regarding Super Bowl futures, game lines, and props odds. 

  • Super Bowl Props: Everything from First Touchdown Scorer to unique combo props
  • Super Bowl Promos: Super Bowl deposit match bonuses,  bonus bets, and touchdown bonuses

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook might have the best odds on Super Bowl futures and game lines.

  • Super Bowl Odds: The most competitive Super Bowl odds available
  • Super Bowl Promos: First-Bet Offers, Super Bowl odds boosts

FanDuel Sportsbook 

FanDuel Sportsbook features a Super Bowl game tracker with real-time stats that allow you to follow Super Bowl props closely. FanDuel also runs various Super Bowl promos year-round and always posts competitive game lines.

  • Super Bowl Specials: Super Bowl Win Bonuses (and more) surrounding Super Bowl futures all season long
  • Super Bowl Promos: Same game parlay insurance, Bet and Gets, free contests, odds boosts across the board

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook boasts extremely competitive Super Bowl futures odds all year long and offers more live Super Bowl odds during the game than any other sportsbook. 

  • Live Microbetting: The most live Super Bowl odds available anywhere
  • Super Bowl Promos: Bonus bets, Bet and Gets, profit boosts, odds boosts, free Super Bowl betting contests, traditional squares contests

Super Bowl 58 promos

The best Super Bowl promos run by the top sportsbooks usually fall into the following categories.

  • Odds boosts: Better than the usual odds on select Super Bowl bets
  • Insurance: Bonus bet refunds if you lose select Super Bowl bets
  • Parlay insurance: Bonus bet refunds if you miss just one leg on a multi-leg Super Bowl parlay
  • Prop specials: Boosted odds on unique Super Bowl props
  • Super Bowl contests: Real money and bonus bet prizes up for grabs in free-to-enter Super Bowl betting contests

Check for new online betting sites in your state prior to the Super Bowl for even more.

Super Bowl game line odds

You can bet on the Super Bowl in various ways. However, the three basic Super Bowl game lines listed below are the classic ways to bet on NFL games

The Super Bowl moneyline

Here’s where you pick the Super Bowl winner straight up. One team will be the favorite and the other the underdog. You’ll book your bet at the currently posted odds.

The odds on the favorites will have a minus sign (-) out front, and the actual odds tell you how much you need to bet to win $100. 

If the Kansas City Chiefs are -125 favorites, you must bet $125 to win $100. The odds on the underdog will have a plus sign (+) out front, and the actual odds tell you how much you stand to win for every $100 you bet.

If the Philadelphia Eagles are +200 underdogs, you’ll win $200 for every $100 you bet if they win.

The Super Bowl point spread

Here’s where you pick the Super Bowl winner with a handicap factored into the final score. The handicap, or spread, is set by oddsmakers and must be factored into the final score to determine which side of the spread bet wins.

The points are deducted from the favorite’s score or added to the underdog’s score to determine the winner against the spread. You book your spread bet at currently posted odds, which are usually close to even on both sides, with a small profit for the sportsbook baked in. 

If the Kansas City Chiefs are -3.5 (-110) favorites, you must bet $110 to win $100. Plus, the Chiefs must win by four or more for that bet to pay off. That would make the opposing team +3.5 (-110) underdogs. You still have to bet $110 to win $100, but this bet will pay off if the opposing team wins the game or the Chiefs win by three or fewer points.

The Super Bowl total

Here’s where you bet on the two Super Bowl teams to rack up more or fewer combined points than a line set by oddsmakers.

As with the spread, you book your total bet at currently posted odds, which are usually close to even on both sides, with a small profit for the sportsbook baked in. 

Let’s say the Kansas City Chiefs are up against the Philadelphia Eagles, and oddsmakers have set the total at 56.5. That means bets on the ‘over’ pay off if the teams score 57 or more points, and bets on the ‘under’ pay off if the teams score 56 or fewer points.

Let’s say you bet $110 on the 56.5 (-110) over, and the game ends with the Chiefs winning 30-27. The teams scored 57 points, so your bet on the ‘over’ would pay $100; plus, you’d get your $110 stake back.

Super Bowl prop betting odds

Super Bowl prop bets have become an even more popular way to bet on the Super Bowl than the game lines. These props mean betting on outcomes surrounding the game that don’t necessarily concern the final score.

Some NFL props relate to player stat lines or even things on the game’s periphery. More props are available for the Super Bowl than any other sporting event on the planet. Here’s a look at the types of Super Bowl props available at top licensed online sportsbooks. 

  • Super Bowl MVP props: Bet on who you think will win Super Bowl MVP. It’s basic moneyline betting, but since Super Bowl performance is impossible to predict, every player is an underdog ahead of the game—even the starting quarterbacks, who always have the best chances of winning MVP honors. 
  • Non-football props: Bet on all the things on the periphery of the game. That might mean a bet on the coin toss, the length of the national anthem, different aspects of the broadcast and halftime show, or even what color Gatorade gets poured over the winning coach’s head at the end.
  • Yes/no props: Here’s where you bet on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, like will there be a defensive score, a safety, or a kickoff or punt returned for a TD? The odds on these props vary based on probability.
  • Over/under props: Here’s where you bet against lines set by sportsbooks surrounding statistical milestones, like will a specific QB throw for over 300 yards, or will a certain running back rush for over 100 yards? The odds on both sides are usually close to even, with a small profit for the sportsbook baked in.
  • Team/player props: Here’s where you bet on the achievements of teams or individual players. These might be yes/no props or over/under props surrounding scoring and other statistical achievements. 
  • Combo props/parlays/crossover props: Bet on prop combinations, parlays that combine two or more game lines or props into one bet, and even combinations of props from the Super Bowl and other games held on Super Bowl Weekend.

See more: What is a prop bet?

Super Bowl futures odds

As mentioned above, you don’t have to wait for the Super Bowl matchup to wager on a winner. You can bet on any team to win the Super Bowl at any time via the NFL futures markets at the top sports betting apps in the country.

Pick your favorite to win it all and book your bet at the current odds. These odds will change throughout the year based on each team’s evolving chances of actually winning the Super Bowl. That means the odds will be long on the favorites if the game is still six months away.

Betting on a team to win next year’s Super Bowl immediately after this year’s game should get you the best odds. Plus, you should keep in mind that the odds will shrink significantly once the AFC and NFC Championship games are over and the matchup is set.

Of course, when teams get eliminated from playoff contention or the playoffs, sportsbooks take the odds on these teams off the board, and the odds on those remaining teams tighten up. All this goes to show that the earlier you get a bet down in the Super Bowl futures market, the better the odds are. 

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Why do Super Bowl game lines and odds change?

Oddsmakers set Super Bowl lines with remarkable accuracy. They aim to draw an equal amount of betting to each side of every bet. That way, sportsbooks can realize the vig baked into the odds without worrying about any outcome, including who wins or loses the game or any bet surrounding it.

Sometimes, NFL betting lines will change ahead of the kickoff. News about critical injuries or weather could force sportsbooks to make a change. Uneven betting can also move a line. If more money is coming in on one side of a bet than the other, the sportsbook will adjust the odds or change the line to draw more betting to the other side and even things out again.

That way, they can again realize the vig baked into the odds without worrying about which side ultimately wins. 

That may open up a betting opportunity. Experts call this “betting against the public” or “fading the public.” It involves taking advantage of this movement in the odds or line.

You surmise that the oddsmakers got it right when they set the initial line and that “the public” (which dumped in all the money that caused the line to move) doesn’t know better than the experts.

Thus, you bet in the direction of the initial line (going against the grain) at now improved odds.

Historic Super Bowl results and betting lines








LVII – 2023

Chiefs vs. Eagles

Eagles -2, O/U 49.5

Chiefs 38-35




LVI – 2022

Rams vs. Bengals

Rams -4.5, O/U 49.0

Rams 23-20




LV – 2021

Chiefs vs. Bucs

Chiefs -3, O/U 56.0

Buccaneers 31-9




LIV – 2020

49ers vs. Chiefs

Chiefs -1, O/U 54.5 

Chiefs 31-20




LIII – 2019

Patriots vs. Rams

Patriots -2.5, O/U 57.5

Patriots 13-3





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