Bills Taylor Swift food: Buffalo offering specialty Swift-inspired items for AFC game vs. Travis Kelce, Chiefs

It’s no secret that Buffalo has an elite food scene in the city. While you can’t go wrong with quality wings, there are a couple of new items available that Bills mafia may need to try.

The Bills have a familiar opponent on their hands this weekend, as Josh Allen and Co. are set to host Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs at Highmark Stadium Sunday night. It marks the third playoff matchup between the two AFC foes in the last four years.

Of course, with Kansas City strolling into town, that means the Swifties will be following along as well. Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, will be competing on the sidelines opposite the Bills for the playoff clash.

With Swift set to potentially make an appearance at Highmark Stadium, Buffalo isn’t wasting an opportunity to capitalize on her stardom. The venue has announced that it is going to offer Swift-inspired food for the postseason contest

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Here is a look at the Taylor Swift food available at the Bills-Chiefs game.

Bills Taylor Swift food

Bad Blood Waffle Fries

The only problem Bills fans are going to have with the “Bad Blood Waffle Fries” is finishing all of them.

The first item on the Swift-themed menu is an ode to the singer’s hit single, “Bad Blood.” The flavorful snack is a “two-foot boat full of spiced waffle fries topped half with Buffalo chicken, blue cheese and half with Kansas City Cattlemen’s BBQ pork, coleslaw, bread and butter pickles.”

Karma Quesadilla

For Swift, karma may be the “guy on the Chiefs”, but in Buffalo, karma is a cheesy toasted tortilla.

Buffalo is debuting the “Karma Quesadilla.” This delectable twist on a classic is a “triple-stacked quesadilla with chicken tender, bacon, and cilantro ranch topped with pork belly chaser.”

In addition to the Swift-related items, there are other funky items on the menu for the Bills-Chiefs game.

Buffalo is selling a Gabe Davis-inspired drink called “The Grape Davis”, which is a “souvenir Bills carafe built for two” with a “malt-based Southern Comfort & Fireball and grape transfusion mix.”

Other tasty tears include a “BBQ Cone” which consists of “brisket burnt ends, caramelized onion, jalapeño, peach BBQ in a baked sesame cone” and “Two Foot Nachos”, which includes a “fresh fried tortilla, BBQ pulled pork, queso, pickled onion, cilantro, jalapeños, lime crema.”

In terms of delicious drinkables, Buffalo has a “Boozy Hot Chocolate”, consisting of “Malt-based Southern Comfort & Fireball topped hot chocolate in a playoff souvenir mug,” and a “Bills Broth”, which is a “Bills Training Center chicken broth recipe in a souvenir playoff mug.”


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