Super Bowl 2025 odds: 49ers, Chiefs favored but don’t overlook these underdogs

The 2024-25 season does not begin for months, but DraftKings already has odds posted for Super Bowl 59. Many of the usual suspects, like the Chiefs, Bills and 49ers, populate the top of betting boards.

But long shots have gone on to win the Super Bowl in recent years and shouldn’t be overlooked by bettors looking to get an early start betting on Super Bowl 2025.

Let’s take a look at the early Super Bowl 59 odds (via DraftKings), along with a few picks and predictions.

Odds of winning Super Bowl 59

Here are the opening odds to win Super Bowl 2025 as posted at DraftKings:

  • San Francisco 49ers +550
  • Kansas City Chiefs +850
  • Buffalo Bills +900
  • Baltimore Ravens +950
  • Detroit Lions +1200
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1200
  • Miami Dolphins +1500
  • Houston Texans +2000
  • Dallas Cowboys +2000
  • Philadelphia Eagles +2200
  • New York Jets +2200
  • Green Bay Packers +2200
  • Atlanta Falcons +2500
  • Los Angeles Chargers +3000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +3000
  • Chicago Bears +3000
  • Los Angeles Rams +3500
  • Cleveland Browns +3500
  • Indianapolis Colts +4000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5000
  • Minnesota Vikings +5000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7500
  • Seattle Seahawks +8000
  • Arizona Cardinals +8000
  • Washington Commanders +10000
  • New York Giants +10000
  • New Orleans Saints +10000
  • New England Patriots +10000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +10000
  • Denver Broncos +10000
  • Tennessee Titans +15000
  • Carolina Panthers +20000

With free agency and the draft still to come and a handful of teams without head coaches, many things could happen in the days and weeks ahead that could impact Super Bowl 59 odds.

Of course, odds are subject to change at any moment.

Here are a few trends that may help you decide who to put your money on:

  • Early odds for six of the last 10 winners (Super Bowls 48-57) had odds shorter than +1000, i.e., +750 (Chiefs, SB 57), +500 (Patriots, SB 53), etc.
  • Nine of the last 15 winners (SB 43-57) had early odds longer than +1000, including every winner from SB 43-48.
  • The ’99 Rams hold the record for the team with the longest preseason odds to win the Super Bowl (+15000).
  • Two winners in the last six had early odds of +6000 (Buccaneers, SB 55, and Eagles, SB 52).
  • Early favorites (teams with odds shorter than +1000) have done well over the last decade (winnings six of 10 Super Bowls), but from the 1999 season (Super Bowl 34) through 2012 (Super Bowl 47), only one winner had early odds shorter than +1000 (Patriots, SB 39 +600).
  • Since 1995, 12 preseason favorites have gone on to play in the Super Bowl. But those teams are 3-9 in those games.
  • NFC leads the AFC in the all-time series, 29-28 (through Super Bowl 57).
  • The AFC won last year and has won six of the last 10.
  • The NFC has won two of the last three.
  • Two first-year head coaches have led their teams to Super Bowl wins (Don Cafferty, Baltimore Colts, Super Bowl 5, and George Seifert, 49ers, Super Bowl 24).
  • Several second-year head coaches went on to win the Super Bowl: Ravens (SB 35), Brian Billick; Patriots (SB 36), Bill Belichick; Steelers (SB 43), Mike Tomlin; Broncos (SB 50), Gary Kubiak; Eagles (SB 51), Doug Pederson.

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Bet(s) to consider

It is not hard to craft a solid argument for the four teams with odds shorter than +1000 to win Super Bowl 59. So, we will focus on teams with longer odds instead:

  • Texans +2000: If the Texans do not lose anyone significant in free agency, they could become one of the top contenders in the AFC in DeMeco Ryans’ second season.
  • Jets +2200: The defense looked as good as expected in 2023, but when Aaron Rodgers went down, so did their shot at the Super Bowl. But with a healthy Rodgers behind center in 2024, the Jets will be one of the teams to watch.
  • Packers +2200: If Jordan Love can build off his success in the second half of the ’23 season, Green Bay will become a Super Bowl contender, and Love could win NFL MVP in 2024.
  • Rams +3500: If they can add a little depth in a few key roles and don’t lose too many (if any) players to free agency, they could be a long shot worth getting behind.

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