Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce trade pregame antics with Ravens’ Justin Tucker ahead of AFC championship

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker just wanted to warm up before Sunday’s AFC championship game. But so did Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Tucker was practicing at M&T Bank Stadium as Chiefs’ players entered the field. Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce reportedly told Tucker to move — and when the Baltimore kicker did not, Kelce took it upon himself to move Tucker’s helmet and warmup balls to clear up space for his quarterback.

It wasn’t long before Mahomes himself started to get into the antics as well. Each time Tucker tried to set up his holder to make kicks, Mahomes would pick it up and toss it away.

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For his part, Tucker seemed amused by the Chiefs’ attempts to clear him out of the way. It might be Tucker’s home field, but he appeared to be the Chiefs’ side of the field for pregame warmups, hence the friendly disagreement between the two sides.

It’s helpful for kickers to warmup on both sides of the field to get a gauge for how the wind is impacting field goals on either end of the field. But Kelce and Mahomes must be hoping the legendary kicker doesn’t get too comfortable out there.


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