NFL betting lines & point spreads: Grab sportsbook bonuses for Super Bowl

NFL betting odds for Super Bowl 58 featuring 49ers vs. Chiefs, include popular bets like the point spread, moneyline, and total. Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sports betting day of the year. Join the fun!

Here are current Super Bowl odds from our favorite sportsbook sites. Click on any NFL betting line to claim your bonus and open a new betting account in any legal state:

The top NFL betting sites post betting lines for every NFL playoff game through the Super Bowl. Plus, sportsbooks offer even more NFL betting options via futures odds, props odds, and alternative game lines. Super Bowl props are a fun and popular way to get some action down on the game.

See this week’s live NFL betting lines at online sportsbooks across the US below. We also provide a few tips to take advantage of current NFL betting lines.

Bet on NFL odds for Super Bowl with these sportsbook bonuses

If you’re looking to get in on the Super Bowl betting action, check out these bonuses and promos offered by our favorite sportsbooks:

How to place bets on the latest NFL betting lines

You can easily bet on the latest NFL betting lines with your phone or tablet if you’re of age and in a state with legal online sports betting. Just follow these steps:

  • Download any of the best sports betting apps to your phone/tablet via the links on this page.
  • Let the app use geolocation to tell the sportsbook you’re inside state lines.
  • Sign up for an account using personal info like your name and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Claim the latest welcome bonus from the sportsbook using this page’s promo or bonus code.
  • Deposit funds into your account using the most convenient banking method available.
  • Browse the latest NFL game lines on the app or the live feed above.
  • Click on any line to be instantly transported to a bet slip.
  • Check the line and odds
  • Fill out the bet slip to place your bet.

Which sportsbooks have the best NFL betting lines?

Caesars Sportsbook

You need to shop around for the best lines, but more often than not, you’ll end up at Caesars. This online sportsbook’s spreads can be more than a point better than average, and the moneylines often come with better odds.

Caesars also runs odds boosts, NFL parlay promos, and more. Plus, it’s the only sportsbook streaming the Sunday Night Football game every week. 

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook runs the largest free NFL betting contests in the US. Its NFL betting lines are consistently competitive, everything from live parlays and SGPs to Game Specials and Points Markets. Super Bowl prop bets are also a huge deal at FanDuel.

NFL bonuses & promos here include odds boosts, profit boosts and more.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM ensures its NFL betting lines align with the top competition’s. It also runs NFL insurance promos, regular odds boosts, and many alternative game lines. You’ll also find One Game Parlays and Race To betting at BetMGM.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook is competitive regarding NFL betting lines. Plus, it has more lines available before and during games than its competitors.

Everything from Quick Single Game Parlays to Drive Results and Next Play betting exists. DraftKings Sportsbook also runs NFL promos, including odds boosts, insurance, and free-to-play contests.

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Basic NFL betting lines

The basic NFL betting lines below represent the easiest ways to bet on NFL games.


Moneyline bets are on a game’s straight-up winner. Pick the moneyline favorite or the underdog and book your bet at the currently posted odds. The odds on the favorite will have a minus sign (-) out front, and the odds will tell you how much you need to bet to win $100.

The odds on the underdog will have a plus sign (+) out front, and the odds will tell you how much you stand to win for every $100 bet. 

For example, the Dallas Cowboys might be -125 favorites, so you must bet $125 to stand to win $100. The Philadelphia Eagles might be +220 underdogs, so you stand to win $220 for every $100 bet.

Point spreads

This is where you pick a winner with or against a point spread set by oddsmakers. The spread must be factored into the final score to determine which side wins the bet. Points are either deducted from the favorite or added to the underdog. You usually find spread bets on the favorite or underdog at close to even odds, with a small profit for the sportsbook built-in.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys might be -4.5 (-110) favorites. That means you must bet $110 to win $100, and Dallas must win by five or more for you to win the bet. That would make the opposing Philadelphia Eagles +4.5 (-110) underdogs.

You still have to bet $110 to win $100, but Eagles +4.5 bets will pay off if Philadelphia wins or Dallas wins by four or fewer points.


For a totals bet, you bet on the two teams in a game combining to score more or less than a line set by sportsbooks. These odds will also be close to even, with a small profit for the sportsbook built-in.

Let’s say sportsbooks set the Cowboys-Eagles total at 54.5. Bets on the ‘over’ win if the teams score 55 or more points. Bets on the ‘under’ win if the teams score 54 or fewer points. If you bet $110 on the 54.5 (-110) over and the game ends with the Cowboys winning 30-27, you win $100, plus your $110 stake back.

More NFL betting lines

The NFL betting lines listed below represent deeper ways to bet on the NFL.

  • Props: Most NFL props surround a game but don’t necessarily hinge on its outcome. That usually means bets on stat lines or scoring. Over/under props ask you to bet against lines set by sportsbooks surrounding statistical milestones, like whether a QB will throw for over 300 yards or a running back will rush for over 100 yards. The lines are set so the odds are close to even. Yes/no props ask you to bet on yes or no questions, like whether a safety or kickoff will be returned for a touchdown. The odds are based on probability.
  • Futures: NFL futures markets are where you bet on odds to win the Super Bowl, odds to make the playoffs, or NFL Win Totals. You can also bet futures surrounding player awards like NFL MVP odds, NFL Rookie of the Year odds, or season-long statistical achievements. You pick a team or player to achieve the prescribed goal and book your bet at the current odds. The odds will typically shorten throughout the year as the favorites become clearer and clearer.
  • Parlays and same-game parlays: Combine two or more NFL bets into one, and it’s an NFL parlay. You’ll get better odds than on the bets individually since you have to string multiple winners together. Correlated parlays that combine different spreads, moneylines, totals, and prop bets from the same NFL game are called same-game parlays. Because the legs are correlated, the odds on same-game parlays tend to be tighter than those on standard parlays.

Who sets NFL betting lines?

Licensed online sportsbooks hire NFL oddsmakers or oddsmaking services to set NFL betting lines, or they copy the lines from sportsbooks that do. NFL oddsmakers know virtually everything about betting and the NFL.

They also use computer modeling, algorithms, and real-world info to set NFL betting lines. Oddsmakers are ultimately trying to draw an equal amount of betting to each side of every bet. That way, sportsbooks can realize the vig built into the lines and make a profit without worrying about which side wins.

When is the best day to place NFL bets?

NFL teams release injury reports on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for Sunday games. These reports may force a sportsbook to change a betting line. Waiting for these reports also allows you to see if betting on one side or the other forces any sportsbook to move an NFL line.

Researching, line shopping, and waiting for all this action before Sunday games will ensure you’re betting the most favorable lines with the latest information. That’ll mean waiting for Saturday night to place Sunday NFL game bets.

Can you bet on NFL lines during games?

During games, you can bet on live NFL lines adjusted based on score, time, and many other in-game factors. Live NFL betting lines are available on sports betting apps, which you can download and install on most phones and tablets. 

Are NFL betting lines the same everywhere?

Most NFL betting lines start similarly at every online sportsbook in the country. When you see a difference, it’s usually because that sportsbook moved the line to compensate for big betting on one side.

That operator is trying to get the betting back to even so it can realize the vig built into the odds. You can use this by backing a side you like at improved odds or a better line.

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