Super Bowl Prop Bets – Super Bowl 58 Prop Betting Guide

One of the biggest draws at NFL betting sites is the staggering number of prop bets available. Super Bowl 58 prop bets for Chiefs vs. 49ers add a ton to the betting and viewing experience, and they’re one of the most captivating spectacles in sports betting.

Super Bowl prop bets offer hundreds of options from betting on the coin toss and anthem length to first TD scorer or a punt returned for a touchdown. If you’re into precise statistical props or goofy entertainment, Super Bowl prop bets have something for everyone.

Most popular Super Bowl prop bets

While Super Bowl prop bets can cover everything from wedding proposals for Taylor Swift to the color of Gatorade, most of what’s being bet on are typical game props, like anytime touchdown scorers: 

There are also yardage props, like these for receiving yards:

You can find many more at the online sportsbook of your choosing.

Best sportsbooks for Super Bowl 58 prop betting

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What prop bets are available for 2024 Super Bowl?

We’ve started compiling prop bets at top-rated online sportsbooks. Click through the links below to see what markets are available:

How to create an account to bet on Super Bowl props

To enjoy all the prop bets available for the Super Bowl, you will need an account at one of the best sports betting sites. Once you’ve decided which sportsbook you’re interested in, follow the link from our site and visit the sportsbook’s homepage to sign up for an account. 

Signing up is free and simple. Just follow these steps.

  • Register for an account: After you’ve used our link to visit the sportsbook of your choice, look for a “register” or “sign-up” link at the top of the homepage. Clicking it will take you to the form you need to create a new account. 
  • Provide information: The form will require you to provide details like your name, address, contact number, email, Social Security number, and more. 
  • Terms and conditions: We recommend that you read through the terms and conditions before accepting them, but you can always find them on the sportsbook website if you need to read through them later. The T&Cs include everything you need to know about betting with each sportsbook. 
  • Claim your bonuses: Enter any promo codes. Not all sites require a promo code, but if yours does, you will find the code here on our site. 
  • Deposit funds: To fund your bets, you can use a variety of credible methods for money transfer to your account. 
  • Place your bets: Once you’ve finished signing up for an account and depositing funds, you’re ready to start betting.

It’s important to remember that only legal and regulated sportsbooks should be used for placing bets. Offshore sportsbooks, which are found across the internet, are illegal and unregulated, offering you no legal protection or recourse if anything shady or illegal takes place.

What is a Super Bowl prop bet? 

A prop bet—short for proposition bet—is a “side wager” you make with a legal sportsbook regarding something that could happen during an event or a game.

Most NFL prop bets are focused on player achievements, such as a statistical over/under on scoring. But there are “exotic” prop bets, too.

These exotic bets are known for being fun and tend to steer away from the serious side of the sport.

  • Will there be a “streaker” during the game?
  • Will the broadcast show a particular person in the stands?
  • Will the announcers say this one particular word?

You can bet on “yes” or “no” at prescribed odds. Some of the more popular exotics for the Super Bowl are an over/under on how long it will take to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and what color Gatorade will get dumped on the winning coach at the end of the game. 

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Super Bowl player props vs. team props

Outside of the exotic bets we mentioned above, NFL props bets typically fall into two categories:

  • Player props
  • Team props

As the names suggest, player props focus on individual accomplishments while team props relate to the entire team. 

For example, team props include bets on how many times a team will score in the first half of a game or whether they will score a defensive touchdown during the whole contest. 

Player props focus on individual accomplishments, such as:

  • A quarterback’s passing yards
  • Number of receptions for a particular player
  • Over/under bets on individual performances

One player prop gets more attention than others: the game’s Most Valuable Player winner.

Super Bowl MVP often ends up in the hands of the winning team’s quarterback, which has been the case for over half of the Super Bowl’s history. That doesn’t mean other positional players can’t win; even defensive players have been known to claim the Super Bowl MVP. 

Offensive vs. defensive Super Bowl prop bets

Football can be divided into three parts: defense, offense, and special teams. Each element is key to a team’s success, and you can find prop bets focused on any of those three segments. 

Offensive prop bets focus on aspects like total yards (over/unders on rushing, passing, or receiving yards), the player who will score the game’s first touchdown, or even if the first play from scrimmage is a run or a pass.

On the defensive side, the focus is primarily on tackles, sacks, interceptions, and defensive scores. Special teams prop bets are often related to field goals, blocked punts, kicks, and onside kicks.

Given the Super Bowl’s massive popularity, expect to find a large selection of prop bets for all three game phases.

Super Bowl crossover prop bets

Betting on Super Bowl odds is for everyone, not just diehard NFL fans or bettors. Prop bets can cater to every taste, especially with unique “crossover” bets. 

These bets are multi-sport props that can draw in bettors who might not usually find themselves wagering on football. These bets can include a multitude of different crossovers, such as these examples:

Who will score more points on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Specific college basketball team -9.5 (-110)
  • Combined final scores of Super Bowl teams +9.5 (-110)

Which number will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Joel Embiid points scored -120
  • Saquon Barkley rushing yards +145

Which will be the greater number on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Justin Herbert’s Passing Yards + Rory McIlroy’s final round score -115
  • Josh Allen’s Passing Yards + Dustin Johnson’s final round score -115

You’ll find these crossovers at various sportsbooks. You can go line shopping for the bets that most interest you by examining the offerings from different betting sites along with their ongoing NFL betting promos & bonuses.

Are there Super Bowl prop bets for the announcers and halftime show? 

As we’ve said, the Super Bowl has prop bets for everyone, including those who are only interested in the halftime show or who like to keep rapt attention on the announcers. 

Every sportsbook will have its own variety of prop bets, but some will definitely carry bets for the halftime show and even for announcers, among everything else seemingly imaginable. 

Some such props might include: 

  • What will the halftime show artist sing as their opening song? 
  • How many songs will be performed at halftime? 
  • Will there be a wardrobe malfunction? 
  • Will another artist join in during the halftime show? 

There are sometimes even prop bets that are announcer-specific, based on who is in the broadcast booth for the Super Bowl that year. Some of those prop bets might include things such as: 

  • Will the commentators mention the point spread or total during the broadcast?
  • Will Joe Buck mention his father, Jack Buck? 
  • Will the announcers mention the 1972 Dolphins?

These examples are just a few of the countless possibilities for broadcast-related Super Bowl prop bets.

What are some famous Super Bowl prop bets?  

The Super Bowl is known for big moments and exciting plays, but it’s also known for unforgettable betting opportunities.

Here are three fun and memorable Super Bowl prop bets.

1. In 1986, a unique wager was introduced for the Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the heavily favored Chicago Bears.

The Bears were expected to win without much difficulty, so to liven things up, Caesars Sportsbook posed an unconventional question:

  • Would William “The Refrigerator” Perry, a Bears lineman, score a touchdown?

As it turned out, the Bears were leading 37-3 when Perry lined up in the backfield and scored a touchdown. History was made, and this exotic prop bet became Super Bowl lore.

2. A milestone in the history of the prop bet happened in 1990 when the concept of crossover Super Bowl prop bets was introduced. The bet was this:

  • Who would score more points on Super Bowl Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers or NBA superstar Michael Jordan?

This new bet opportunity drew significant interest, and sportsbooks took notice as the 49ers outscored Jordan that day. The crossover bet has been a Super Bowl prop bet staple ever since.

3. Fast-forward to Super Bowl 30, where a prop bet focused on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ multi-talented Kordell Stewart. Since Stewart was known for being able to play quarterback, receiver, and running back, a proposition bet asked whether he would end the game with at least one rushing attempt, one passing attempt, and one reception.

Stewart finished with a reception and a rushing attempt but did not attempt a pass in the game.

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