Brock Purdy lookalikes: Explaining the Anna Frey, Lee Harvey Oswald doppleganger memes


Brock Purdy has quite a familiar look to him, don’t you think?

The 49ers QB is something of an everyman compared to his contemporaries, emerging through the mire to become one of the league’s better passers. Now, he has the 49ers on the brink of Super Bowl 58 glory.

But Purdy has captivated spectators for another reason. A great many viewers have noted the similarities Purdy has to numerous figures, from the bartender at your local watering hole to everyone’s fourth-favorite teaching assistant. Yet, it’s the parallels between him, a TikTok star, and one of the most notorious men in American history that has really placed him in a league of lookalikes all his own.

Here’s what you need to know about Purdy, as well as the people he shares a great many features with β€” Lee Harvey Oswald and Anna Frey.

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Brock Purdy lookalikes: From Lee Harvey Oswald to Anna Frey

Purdy has a very distinctive face. Yet, it’s been tried and tested over the years, coming to the fore at least two times before.

The first time was perhaps the most famous. Lee Harvey Oswald received worldwide attention after allegedly murdering President John F. Kennedy in cold blood on Nov. 22, 1963. He met his end after bar owner Jack Ruby shot him following his apprehension at the hands of police.

Oswald was an infamous character in American politics. He also shared a striking resemblance to Purdy.

Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Purdy isn’t too fond of the remark, admittedly.

No worries, though. There’s another Purdy doppelgΓ€nger lurking the shadows: Tik Tok megastar Anna Frey.

Does Brock Purdy have a daughter?

At just 16, Frey is a budding tennis star, ranking 2,736th in the world among junior tennis players. Yet it’s her similitude to Purdy that keeps folks talking. You can probably see why: 

If you squint, perhaps the two look related. They aren’t, though. And Frey β€” a teenager β€” is certainly not the daughter of the 24-year old Purdy, as many people are wondering. 

Still, Purdy has heard the whispers. His brother, Chubba, made sure of it, reviewing the Tik Tok analysis to have a little fun with his elder brother. Like any academic, he made sure to cite his resources when celebrating with his older brother after the Niners clinched their spot in the big game. 

Purdy is a man of many faces. It just happens that two of them happen to be quite prominent, at least compared to your average dead ringer. 



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