How much money has Taylor Swift made for the NFL? Explaining how the singer has generated millions in revenue for the Chiefs

Taylor Swift has been a fan favorite this year. The unofficial face of the NFL changed the world of football as we know it thanks to her love story with Travis Kelce.

Call it what you want, but a Super Bowl-bound Swift is karma for those who said she was bad for the game. After all, she’s shown for all of 40 seconds during each three-hour game broadcast. 

Now she has the numbers to prove she’s not the anti-hero.

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Just how much revenue has the singer brought in for the Chiefs and NFL? 

How much money has Taylor Swift made for the NFL?

Swift attended her first Chiefs game of 2023 on Sept. 24. Since then, she’s attended 12 games total, including the AFC championship. The Super Bowl will be her 13th game, which, if you know the 14-time Grammy winner, couldn’t be more fitting.

Ahead of the Chiefs’ AFC title win over the Ravens on Jan. 28, Apex Marketing Group calculated how much brand value Swift has generated for the league and the Kansas City-based franchise. The revenue added by the singer came out to an estimated $331.5 million between print, digital, radio, TV, highlights and social media, according to Front Office Sports.

It was only a matter of time until someone crunched the numbers.

We’ve already seen the singer bring monetary value to the game in addition to attention. Kelce’s jersey sales spiked 400% practically overnight after Swift attended her first game.

And Swifties stayed dedicated throughout the season. Of those surveyed by Adtaxi in November, 45% of respondents said Swift impacted their interest in football. That number jumped to 70% among “dedicated fans,” who were also found to be three-times more likely to buy NFL merchandise.

This season, the league had its highest regular season viewership among women since it began tracking those numbers in 2000. There’s no way to prove a direct correlation, but we can assume that Swift played a huge part.

It can also be inferred that her presence helped the Chiefs-Ravens championship matchup reach record-setting viewership numbers.

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She’s even told her newfound friends that they’re not on their own, kids. Kristin Juszczyk, wife of 49ers’ player Kyle Juszczyk and designer of Swift’s viral puffer coat for the Dolphins playoff game, has gained 800,000 Instagram followers since Jan. 13. Now, after her own team clinched a Super Bowl berth, Juszczyk has reached a licensing deal with the NFL that allows her to use the league’s branding in her apparel designs.


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