Ranking Isiah Pacheco’s best touchdown dances in 2023, including Druski tribute

Bust a move…

Few players in the NFL pop and lock it quite like Isiah Pacheco. The Chiefs tailback is one of the more exciting runners in the league, accumulating some 935 yards and seven scores to help spearhead Kansas City’s attack.

As a result, he’s had plenty of time to perfect his post-TD antics. Pacheco is a whirling dervish with the ball in his hands. Once he crosses the plane of the end zone, he’s similarly ambitious, dusting off his dancing shoes to craft celebratory jigs that would make Alvin Ailey proud.

Just what Pacheco caper reigns supreme? The Sporting News gives you an unadulterated look at Pacheco’s greatest hits on the gleaming ballroom that is the end zone this year.

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Ranking Isiah Pacheco’s best touchdown dances in 2023

Pacheco burst into the spotlight in 2023, capping off a sumptuous rookie campaign with a score — and concert — for the ages in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl 57 win over the Eagles.

He added to his highlight reel during the 2023-24 season, all the while cementing his place as one of the game’s greatest showman when he finds pay dirt.

Check it:

1. Druski dance

Pacheco is 24, and like most 24-year-olds, he’s at least somewhat familiar with the internet and its various high-profile personalities. One of those is Druski, a social media darling who has taken the web by storm one relatable skit after another.

One of Druski’s most famous skits of the past year involved him and his friends dancing the night away like a group of mid-2000s “gangstas.” The aforementioned comedian swayed like back-and-forth in the act, moving like water as his oversized t-shirt and shorts billowed in the wind.

Pacheco was a keen observer of the twirl, which mimicked that of numerous dances to come out during his adolescence. So, when he found higher ground against the Bears in Week 3, Pacheco made sure to pay homage to the jester who put it on his radar.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

2. Letting it fly

Pacheco’s latest foray into the promised land represents one of his most aesthetically pleasing. After trotting into the end zone from three yards out against the Ravens, Pacheco got his groove on. The second-year tailback pulled into a complete stop before unleashing his inner bird with a shoulder shrug, three flaps of his wings, and a “raise the roof”-like gesture.

Chicken Run has nothing on Kansas City’s ball-carrying savant.

3. Twice as nice

Pacheco wanted to spend a little more time on stage than usual during the Chiefs’ Week 12 win over the Raiders, so he decided to breach Las Vegas’ defense not once but twice.

Each score was accentuated with a spiral of limbs. The first one revolved around Pacheco getting low and twisting his hips in an act of defiance.

Pacheco’s second TD was slightly more muted. He struck a pose eerily reminiscent of those shown in vaudeville performances throughout the 20th century.

4. Hips don’t lie

Pacheco’s best attribute may be his aggressive running style. His second-best trait, however? It very well could be his hips, which rattle like maracas when he’s in the open field.

Pacheco uses those mystifying hips to send defenders to the infirmary, shaking and baking before bursting past his opposition markers with ease. They serve a higher purpose, as well, offering Pacheco a vehicle to let the rhythm take control.

Case in point: Pacheco expressed himself via gambol after darting into the end zone vs. the Jets earlier in the year. It was melodic, menacing, mercurial, and majestic. And for that, we’re grateful.

5. Keeping it super simple (unfortunately)

As evidenced by the previous clips, Pacheco is quite the ballerina once he struts into hallowed ground. That’s what makes his celebration against the Bengals so disheartening. It’s just all so simple. Pacheco spurns the amalgamation of movements that makes his celebrations so memorable. Yes, it’s cute that Pacheco leaped into his teammate’s arms, but is it really moving the needle?

We’re going to say no, but it’s not a problem. Pacheco has given us more than enough memories to allow us to forgive him for this one miscue.


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