Inside NFL’s Super Bowl commercial: Saquon Barkley, Justin Jefferson star in global ads based in Ghana

The NFL is going global for this year’s Super Bowl.

While league is still holding festivities in Las Vegas, it is reaching beyond the United States.

The NFL is making a marked attempt to reach out to markets far beyond the U.S. borders. Introducing a wide array of potential football fans to the beauty of the sport certainly could go a long way in helping develop links between countries — and, on a more mercenary note, to attract more fans to the league.

The commercial for the NFL spotlights Ghana’s capital city of Accra. It creates parallels between the hectic nature of America’s Game and the vibrancy present across one of Africa’s most notable cities.

Here’s what you need to know about the NFL’s latest television spot, an ode to the beauty of the African continent.

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NFL Super Bowl commercial in Ghana

The league swapped the typically lush greenery of American football fields for an Accra marketplace, turning the trade center into an obstacle course fit for the skills of NFL stars.

Giants running back Saquon Barkley, Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson and Saints defensive end Cam Jordan are the centerpieces of the spot. Barkley hurdles over a pair of youngsters facing off against one another in chess. Jefferson leaps to snag a pass with one-hand. And Jordan, ever the showman, chases after a child before barreling through an orange cart.

The league released a 15-second teaser of their recent shoot ahead of the big game. It captivated audiences worldwide, with many praising the league for its willingness to seek out one of Africa’s most important cities. Cam Jordan posted numerous pictures showing his travels to the Ghanaian capital to take part in the shoot.

The NFL has shown a penchant for hosting games abroad in recent years. With an upcoming matchup slated to take place in Brazil and the commercial foray into Africa, perhaps the league is expanding its horizons. 


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