Jason Momoa Super Bowl commercial: Inside T-Mobile’s ‘Flashdance’ remix with Zach Braff, Donald Faison

Super Bowl 58 has finally arrived as the Chiefs and the 49ers vie for the latest Lombardi Trophy on Sunday evening in Las Vegas.

The event, as it does every single year, will draw in a massive audience not only for what it bring to the football field, but also to the advertisement scene. It’s been so successful that even some non-football fans purposely tune in to the Super Bowl just to watch the commercials.

Here’s what to know about the commercial featuring famous actor Jason Momoa.

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Jason Momoa Super Bowl commercial

Momoa is well-know for his accomplishments on the big screen in action movies and television shows including “Aquaman”, “Dune” and “Game Thrones.”

But he’s doing things a little bit differently in his appearance in the upcoming T-Mobile Super Bowl 58 “Flashdance” remix ad.

“People are just seeing a different side of me,” Momoa told Variety in a recent interview, noting the fact he’s frequently been called a “dramatic” actor with the track record of roles he’s played throughout his career.

This isn’t the first outside-of-the-box project he’s taken on, though, with commercials he’s done in the past for other companies like Rocket Mortgage having a more light-hearted tone.

 “People reach out and ask me to do some funny stuff,” says Momoa.

Momoa can be seen in the commercial dancing to Irene Cara’s “Flashdance… What a Feeling” along with Zach Braff and Donald Faison. Momoa sings, does a flip, gets water poured on him and crosses paths with “Flashdance” movie actress Jennifer Beals throughout the ad. 

Here’s a look at the commercial:

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