Kate McKinnon Super Bowl commercial: Inside Hellmann’s ‘Mayo Cat’ ad featuring Pete Davidson

For many, Super Bowl 58 will be the focus of this Sunday’s festivities. For others, it’s merely a football game being played in between commercials. 

One of those commercials is a Hellman’s Mayo ad featuring Kate McKinnon, who recently garnered attention for her role in “Barbie.”

Here’s a look into everything to know about the big-game advertisement.

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Kate McKinnon Super Bowl commercial

One of the most highly anticipated commercials set to hit the screen during Super Bowl 58 will feature “Saturday Night Live” alums Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson, famous for his role in “King Of Staten Island” and a string of high-profile relationships.

In the commercial, McKinnon is in the spotlight alongside the global phenomenon “Mayo Cat,” dubbed so because McKinnon mistakes its “meow” for “mayo.”

Mayo Cat’s star rises quickly, and it eventually ends with the fancy feline taking the red carpet with Davidson.

It all ends in a very public breakup and a headline that reads “Mayo Cat Ends Relationship with Davidson.” 

“You lasted longer than most,” McKinnon tells her Mayo Cat in the commercial

Here’s a look at the ad.

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