Opendoor Super Bowl commercial: How the live ad will try to show (and sell) a house at halftime

There are plenty of activities that can be done during halftime of a football game. Some fans use it as a chance to break for food, others take advantage to refill a beverage. 

Now, football spectators can sell a house while the intermission break is commencing. 

The Super Bowl is known for its vast array of creative ads, but the one for Opendoor in 2024 is taking a new twist to the marketing experience. The real estate business isn’t just going to claim it can sell a house during the time it takes for the second quarter to end and the third to start — Opendoor is going to prove it. 

Here is more to know about the Opendoor halftime commercial at Super Bowl 58. 

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Inside the Opendoor Super Bowl commercial

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Opendoor is taking its Super Bowl spot to another level. The real estate company is going to have a live component to its promo on Sunday. 

The ad will feature a livestream of a real homeowner in the Atlanta area using Opendoor to sell their place. The thought behind the e-commerce platform is to show off how to use Opendoor’s virtual aspect of its platform, proving how easy the process is to sell your property. 

“This spot isn’t just about making history — it’s a testament to the simplicity and certainty we bring to real estate,” David Corns said, CMO of Opendoor. “Even in the midst of the Big Game excitement, homeowners can easily sell their homes so they can focus on what’s next in life.”

Opendoor said that Atlanta is considered to be one the more difficult home buying markets in the United States, which is why that particular location was selected for the commercial.

So next halftime, don’t spend it eating all the chips and dip or scrolling through social media. Listen to Opendoor and start working the housing market. 


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