Verizon Super Bowl commercial: Inside the ‘Lemons’ ad teasing a Beyonce appearance

Verizon is hoping to drum up interest in its telecommunication services. What better way to do that then by teasing a collaboration with perhaps the greatest entertainer in world music?

The American multinational teased its latest Super Bowl spot by suggesting that one of the globe’s biggest stars is lending her voice and likeness to the brand. It remains to be seen quite if that’s the case. But they’ve certainly piqued a segment of the population’s interest with such actions, creating a layer of mystique necessary when trying to coerce the general public to flock to your product. And isn’t that what capitalism is all about?

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about Verizon’s newest Super Bowl ad, one that heavily implies that Beyonce is an avid supporter (stan, perhaps?) of its company.

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Verizon Super Bowl commercial

Queen Bey looms over Verizon’s latest few ad campaign like a hawk. And although she doesn’t make an appearance, her presence is felt immediately.

Verizon released two teasers of their Super Bowl ads. Both feature actor Tony Hale, known for his roles in such classics as “Arrested Development” and “Veep.”

Hale seemingly serves as something like Beyonce’s assistant, squeezing lemons into lemonade (in a nod to Beyonce’s 2016 epic, Lemonade) in one advertisement while escorting a gleaming crystal horse (akin to the one Beyonce rides on her Renaissance album cover) in the other.

It seems Hale is trying to persuade Beyonce into lending her services to the corporate overlords by performing such tasks.

Will it work? We’ve seen capitalistic firms flirt with the public before letting off a torrent of lies time and time again, so there’s no great certainty that Bey will actually get a starring role in the campaign.

Regardless, though, it’s got people talking. For the money-hungry powers that exist within Verizon’s boardroom, you’d have to reckon that’s good enough for them.


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