Does Usher have a girlfriend? Meet Jennifer Goicoechea and her relationship timeline with R&B star

Usher has plenty of hit songs involving love and romance. You don’t carve out the kind of career he has had in the R&B world without belting lyrics about breaking and mending hearts.

This year in particular, love is in the air more than ever. We’re not just talking about Valentine’s Day around the corner, either. Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship has made national news, as the power couple has been in the headlines for weeks on end since their relationship started in the fall. Super Bowl 58 undoubtedly is going to be filled with plenty of attention on the pair.  

Usher is going to be right in the middle of it all. The singer is set to perform at arguably his biggest event in his lengthy music career when he takes center stage for the Super Bowl 58 halftime.

With titles like, “Love In This Club”, “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and “You Make Me Wanna…”, it’s evident Usher knows a thing or two about relationships. But what do fans know about his current love interest?

Here is what you should know about Usher’s love life and his girlfriend. 

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Does Usher have a girlfriend?

Usher has a girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea. The pair officially started dating in 2019. 

Goicoechea has worked in the music industry for a number of years, crossing paths with Usher several times before the pair started dating. The two were first photographed together in 2016 at an undisclosed event, and then again a couple years later in March of 2018

However, the romantic rumors did not start until after they were seen together at producer Keith Thomas’ 40th birthday party in June 2019 in Atlanta. Later in the year, the duo were captured kissing backstage at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2019. Photographer Jennifer Johnson shared a snapshot from the night on Instagram. 

Usher and Goicoechea have two children together. Their first child, daughter Sovereign Bo, was born in 2020, followed by their son, Sire Castrello, in 2021. In addition, the couple share two of Usher’s sons, Usher V and Naviyd Ely, from his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

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Who is Jennifer Goicoechea?

Goicoechea hails from Miami. She followed her mother, Barbara Goicoechea, into the music industry. Her mom has been the director of operations at ACT Productions since 1988, which is a Miami-based event and multimedia production company.

While working alongside with her mother, Goicoechea was able to work her way up in the industry, She kicker off her career in entertainment when she landed a position working as an assistant for singer Ciara. She then relocated from Florida to California, and started her own management company called Boogs’N’Effect Management. 

Starting in January of 2014, Goicoechea worked at ASCAP as the director of rhythm & soul starting. It is a nonprofit organization with members that include songwriters, composers and publishers. Its purpose is to help those in the industry receive fair compensation for performances and royalties.

In December 2016, Goicoechea announced her exit from the organization. She then went on to become the senior vice president of A&R at Epic Records, a label owned by Sony Music Entertainment.


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