Travis Kelce calls Taylor Swift conspiracy theory ‘crazy’: Chiefs TE is ‘having a blast’ with pop star

Love is in the air in Sin City. And it has some wondering what could happen when the Chiefs take on the 49ers in Super Bowl 58.

The result of Sunday’s game is already rife with conspiracy theories. Taylor Swift’s presence as Kansas City’s most visible supporter has fueled suspicions among certain corners of the NFL fanbase; so much so that Roger Goodell had to address such concerns during his annual Super Bowl press conference.

According to Chiefs tight end — and Swift’s current love interest — Travis Kelce, though, all the chatter is background noise. And that suits him and his significant other just fine.

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Speaking with CBS’ Tracy Wolfson is an interview that aired prior to Sunday’s clash, Kelce offered some insight on his relationship with the pop supernova. His assessment: things are headed in the right direction.

“It’s been nothing but fun,” Kelce said. “We’ve both been learning about this lifestyle, knowing that I’ve brought her into the football world. It’s been an unexpected ride that I’ve just been having a blast with.”

Wolfson queried Kelce on some NFL fans’ belief that the relationship is all a ruse, cultivated by the shield in an effort to drum up more interest.

He wasn’t having any of it.

“You’re all crazy,” Kelce said of his doubters.

He’s not the only football luminary to feel that way. Goodell revealed a similar sentiment earlier in the week.

“The idea that this was in a script, this is preplanned. It’s nonsense. It’s, frankly, not even worth talking about,” Goodell said.

When it comes to conspiracy theories, this one is fairly harmless. Nevertheless, expect the rumor mill to keep on spinning, especially if Kansas City captures yet another Lombardi Trophy.


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