Best, worst Super Bowl commercials in 2024: The biggest winners & losers from Super Bowl 58

There’s only one day per year where the commercials are actually anticipated.

That would be the Super Bowl. It has always cost companies a lot of money to have their brand advertised during the big game. And the expectation with the ads has always been that they are worth watching.

That is certainly true of some more than others. Every year, fans will come away with some ads that crack them up or hit them in the feels. But there are just as many ads that leave fans disappointed they didn’t use those 30 seconds for the bathroom break or beer refill.

Which ads this year have been the best and which have been the worst? Here’s a look at five memorable ads and five disappointing spots.

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Best Super Bowl commercials 2024


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Make it back-to-back years Dunkin’ Donuts is in the winners column of Super Bowl ads.

Ben Affleck was out to prove that he can be a pop star just like his wife Jennifer Lopez in the recording studio. He brought in help from Tom Brady and a very reluctant Matt Damon, who has to say “How do you like them donuts.” To be clear, Jack Harlow is not on board. Needless to say, Lopez isn’t thrilled by the interruption (though she wants Brady to stick around).

It’s another big win for Dunkin’ at the Super Bowl.

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Anthony Hopkins is a treasure. From “The Silence of the Lambs” to “Westworld,” he’s been a legend.

But even putting that aside, there’s something fun about seeing an 86-year-old amp himself up to put on a dragon mascot head. It’s an unexpected turn both for his career and in the span of the minute-long ad itself. 

Add in the Wrexham tie-in and the (perhaps subtle) nod to Hopkins’ role in “Red Dragon,” and this certainly stands out as one of the better ads from Sunday.

State Farm

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There was plenty of hype around “Agent State Farm.” Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jake from State Farm delivered.

Schwarzenegger’s Austrian accent makes it difficult for him to say “neighbor,” and he needs some help through different action scenes. There’s puppies, there’s helicopters, there’s explosions. For a one-minute ad, it does have everything.

Combine the Schwarzenegger action with an unexpected cameo from Danny DeVito at the end, and it is certainly an ad that was worthy of the teaser trailer.



Mountain Dew

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From “Parks and Recreation” to “White Lotus,” Aubrey Plaza has become a fan favorite for her straight-faced demeanor. She leans into it with Mountain Dew.

Between all the wild situations and a cameo from Nick Offerman, this ad certainly delivers the laughs and will certainly be viewed as one of the more memorable ads from Sunday’s game.

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Worst Super Bowl commercials 2024


There’s a lot going on here. First of all, the jingle is not Burger King Whopper catchy. It’s just annoying. 

Then, they decided to air it three times. If it had only been once, maybe it would not have been on this list. Instead, viewers got to hear it twice. On top of that, “shopping like a billionaire” does not mean shopping for dresses that are $9.99. 


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This is the problem with teaser trailers. There has to be some sort of payoff, and when there isn’t, it’s a bit disappointing.

Ice Spice’s ex was supposed to be a big reveal. Instead, he was an unknown lemon-lime soda with a blurred label. He then explodes. Sorry Sierra Mist Starry, this one was a bit of a letdown.


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Listen, Snapchat. We hear you. You’re a different social media platform. 

But it’s still odd to say that Snapchat isn’t a social media platform at all. Because it is. It just doesn’t have likes.


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Who doesn’t love Reese’s? They’re among the tastiest snacks out there. 

However, acting like adding caramel to a peanut butter chocolate snack is some controversial and exciting innovation is a bit surprising. Sure, it’s new for Reese’s, but it’s not like the idea is all that crazy, and the repeated “Yes” and “No” yells feel like a lot for something that isn’t replacing the original peanut butter cup.


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Car ads are supposed to make people trust the car, and, sure, the Toyota Tacoma ad shows off the off-roading ability of the truck.

But no one likes it when people are in the car, gripping the handle and screaming when everyone’s fine. 


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