How many times was Taylor Swift shown at Super Bowl? Here’s her total TV air time from 2024 CBS broadcast

One of the biggest topics surrounding Chiefs games has nothing to do with a player at all, but rather megastar musician Taylor Swift, who is currently dating Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce.

While the Swifties have flocked to NFL broadcasts and games because of her newfound involvement and are soaking it all up, some have become annoyed with the amount of times she’s shown on TV.

It’s not her fault and she’s even publicly commented herself about the “Brads, Dads and Chads” who have complained so much. Plus, the pure amount of time she’s shown on the screen, including for Super Bowl 58, may come as a bit of a surprise to some with how minimal it actually is.

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How many time was Taylor Swift shown at Super Bowl?

Swift was shown on camera for 55 total seconds during CBS’s Super Bowl 58 broadcast, according to Admeter. The pop star graced the screen a total of 11 times, meaning that the appearances lasted an average of five seconds each.

This does not factor in the amount of times she was shown before and after the game, and there were several pregame angles of her arriving, as well as when she went down on the field to be with Kelce postgame.

The first quarter saw hardly any appearances by Swift on the big screen, something that made sense as 49ers held practically all of the momentum in the first half, so it’s safe to assume that was fine by her.

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The cameras panned to her after the long pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes to wide receiver Mecole Hardman and the CBS broadcast also showed her in the suite just ahead of the half.

Naturally, as Kelce continued to pick up steam in route to tallying 93 receiving yards, the cameras picked up on Swift more in the second half, including showing her nervously biting her fingernails as the game came down to the wire (becoming a meme all Chiefs fans could relate to).

One of the other most talked about moments surrounding Swift was when the camera showed her chugging a drink and slamming the cup on the table, which was met with some praise on social media, but also some booing.


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