Joe Biden trolls conspiracy theorists after Chiefs’ Super Bowl win with ‘Dark Brandon’ Tweet

The tin foil hat brigade is working overtime at the end of the NFL season. 

The conspiracy theories were running wild in the lead-up to Super Bowl 58, and the result added more fuel to the fire. Plenty of viewers already claimed that the NFL was “rigged” for the Chiefs due to Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce, and after Kansas City’s second-consecutive title, those same theorists are pointing fingers left and right. 

There was no need for more fuel to be added to the fire, but President of the United States Joe Biden decided to stir the pot even further after Super Bowl 58 concluded. In the minutes after Patrick Mahomes found Mecole Hardman in the end zone in overtime, Biden made an intriguing post on X, formerly Twitter. 

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Joe Biden “Dark Brandon” Tweet after Super Bowl

“Just like we drew it up,” the post read, playfully hinting at the supposed setup between the government and the NFL. 

The image used also is a shot at Biden’s opposition. The photo of the president with laser beams in his eyes is commonly referred to as the “Dark Brandon” meme, a movement that started from the Republican Party as a way to bash Biden’s policies. It’s taken over a form of its own since the 46th president was elected into office in 2020. Biden himself has admitted he is well aware of the meme and has found a few of the posts entertaining. 

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The “Dark Brandon” post came from Biden’s personal X account. He also has his POTUS account, which is the official profile of the president. Biden used that platform as well to congratulate the Chiefs on another Super Bowl win.  

In due time, Kansas City will be making its way to the White House to celebrate with Biden. It is tradition for the Super Bowl champions to visit the president at the White House, however, this will mark the second time that Biden is the host for the victor’s day in D.C. 

Did Biden have a hand in the outcome of the Super Bowl? Of course not. 

However, if the president is going to play along and feed into the theories, then the internet is going to have a field day. 


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