Patrick Mahomes at Disneyland: Chiefs QB, wife Brittany & kids continue Super Bowl tradition by visiting park

“We’re going to Disneyland!”

The Super Bowl has a number of valued traditions surrounding the event. From simple pleasures such as signature appetizers at a viewing party to the illustrious entertainment that is the halftime show, the annual event never fails to deliver. 

However, it’s rare to have customs occur after the conclusion of the big game — but that’s the case with players going to Disney. 

In recent history, viewers still tuning in to watch the postgame celebrations can hear a familiar “When You Wish Upon a Star” jingle overcome the speakers of their TV. On the screen, the camera has members of the Super Bowl-winning squad, including the MVP, and you can hear the infamous phrase declaring their intent to visit one of Disney’s theme parks. 

In 2024, it was no different. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs earned a second consecutive championship by defeating the 49ers in overtime at Super Bowl 58. After the win, Mahomes, who won a third career Super Bowl MVP, joined his family to proudly belt out those four words of marketing gold to Mickey Mouse executives. 

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So, why exactly is Mahomes at Disneyland? Here is more on the tradition, as well as the Chiefs QB’s day at the park. 

Is Patrick Mahomes at Disneyland?

Mahomes is at Disneyland on Monday. The Chiefs quarterback confirmed that he and his family would be in attendance on Sunday night. 

Much to the apparent displeasure of the Super Bowl MVP, it was going to be an early wake-up to get the entire family to the park. 

“I got to go to Disneyland at like 8 [in the morning],” Mahomes said. “Dude, I might not [get] any sleep.”

His wife, Brittany, as well as his two kids, son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III and daughter Sterling Skye, were at the park with him. Brittany posted a couple of pictures on her Instagram story with her and the children. 

Mahomes was seen featured in a cavalcade late in the afternoon, along with some of other favorite Disney characters. The parade route is going from ‘It’s a Small World’ all the way down to Main Street U.S.A., according to the Disney Park Blogs. 

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The Chiefs QB is one of the only MVPs to go to the park in the post-COVID era. He first appeared at Walt Disney World Resort in 2020 after Kansas City’s Super Bowl 54 win over San Francisco. Last year, Mahomes went to Disneyland once the Chiefs knocked off the Eagles at Super Bowl 57. 

Are Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce at Disneyland?

Unfortunately for Swifties, their favorite music star and NFL player do not appear to be in attendance at the park. 

Swift and Kelce have not been spotted at Disneyland, nor has there been any indication that the two are joining Mahomes. Typically, only the MVP of the Super Bowl and their family go to Disney as a part of the tradition. 

With that said, players have brought other players before. After the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl 55 win, QB Tom Brady had tight end Rob Gronkowski join him for his day at Disney World. 

Disney Super Bowl tradition

Disney’s “What’s Next” commercial has become an annual tradition at the Super Bowl. After the conclusion of each game, the enchanting music of the mouse takes over, and players are asked, “What’s next?” after winning the championship. 

The answer has always been, “We’re going to Disney!” But when did it start?

Back in January of 1987, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and his wife, Jane, were at dinner with Star Wars creator George Lucas, Dick Ruton, and Jeana Yeager, who had just become the first people to fly around the world without stopping. Eisner asked the couple what their next plans were considering they had “accomplished the pinnacle” of their aspirations. 

Rutan, without hesitation, responded, “I’m going to Disneyland.” 

Those four words stuck with Eisner. After his wife remarked about how good of a slogan it would be, a new marketing campaign was created for the company, titled, “What’s Next?”

The Super Bowl was just a couple of weeks after that dinner. Eisner offered Giants QB Phil Simms and Broncos QB John Elway $75,000 each to say, “I’m going to Disney World” when asked after the game. 

Simms and the Giants ended up taking down Elway and the Broncos. Sure enough, when the cameras panned to the New York quarterback and he was asked what his plans were to celebrate, he uttered the now-famous phrase, and the rest is history. 

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Since then, Disney offers the same deal to every player at the Super Bowl. In exchange for saying they are going to Disney, they receive a check and an all-expense paid vacation to either Disney World or Disneyland. 

Not every player ends up physically going to Disney, but you can bet that you will continue to hear that famous line right after many more Super Bowls in the future. 


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