Travis Kelce stats with and without Taylor Swift: How much better is Chiefs star with his girlfriend in attendance?

The budding relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continues to be one of the biggest stories of the NFL season, much to the chagrin of some fans of the sport.

That said, the Kelce-Swift relationship actually appears to be having an impact on the Chiefs’ tight end. It could be coincidental, but it also could be his version of trying to impress his new flame.

So, what’s the trend? Well, Kelce has been far more productive when Swift has been at his games. And with only the Super Bowl left to play, his production with and without her in attendance aren’t particularly close.

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But just how much better has Kelce been when Swift has been cheering him on in person? Here’s a look at how the tight end has become a true cheer captain when she’s in the bleachers.

Travis Kelce’s stats with Taylor Swift in attendance

Swift has attended 12 of Kelce’s games since their relationship began. When she first started attending those contests, Kelce was spectacular, posting a couple of 100-yard outings and two touchdowns.

But Kelce then endured an extended end-of-season lull during which he failed to score a touchdown in six consecutive games attended by the pop star. He also didn’t have the same panache for explosive, downfield plays over that span.

In the playoffs, though, he has been back to his explosive self. The 34-year-old had his first two-touchdown game in front of Swift in Kansas City’s upset win over the Bills in the divisional round.

Below is a look at Kelce’s game-by-game stats in the 12 games Swift has attended.

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Date Opponent Catches Yards TDs
Sept. 24 vs. Bears 7 69 1
Oct. 1 at Jets 6 60 0
Oct. 12 vs. Broncos 9 124 0
Oct. 22 vs. Chargers 12 179 1
Dec. 3 at Packers 4 81 0
Dec. 10 vs. Bills 6 83 0
Dec. 17 at Patriots 5 28 0
Dec. 25 vs. Raiders 5 44 0
Dec. 31 vs. Bengals 3 16 0
Jan. 13 vs. Dolphins 7 71 0
Jan. 21 at Bills 5 75 2
Jan. 28 at Ravens 11 116 1
Feb. 11 vs. 49ers 9 93 0

Despite his December downturn, Kelce has totaled 89 catches for 1,039 yards and four touchdowns in games attended by Swift. That’s good for an average of 6.8 catches and 79.9 yards per game, which are great numbers for a tight end.

According to data from BetWay, the Chiefs’ winning percentage has also increased significantly when Swift graces the stands (or the suite). That percentage sits at 75%, compared to 66.7% without her there.

Kelce has been asked about his performance with Swift in the stadium often during the season. His brother Jason did so on their “New Heights” podcast ahead of Travis’ Week 8 game against the Broncos.

“When T-Swift is at the game, you are averaging 99 yards and when you are left with only your friends and remaining family there, you are at 46.5 yards a game,” Jason said, citing his brother’s averages at the time of the game.

“It’s kind of hard for me to wrap my head around that sentence,” Travis responded.

Patrick Mahomes gave an explanation for those early splits after the Chiefs’ 41-10 win over the Bears from earlier in the season. He explained that the Chiefs tried to feed Kelce in that one.

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“I heard she was in the house,” Mahomes said after the game. “I felt a little pressure, so I knew I had to get the ball to Travis. I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as the Swifties did.”

So perhaps the extra awareness Kelce and his teammates have about her presence is part of the reason behind his elevated stats in her presence. Either way, his performance with her in the stands has been crucial to Kansas City’s postseason run, as he has returned to his peak while acquiring another Super Bowl ring.

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Travis Kelce’s stats without Taylor Swift in attendance

The difference between Kelce’s numbers with and without Swift in attendance is stark.

Kelce has played in six games without Swift in the stands this season. In those contests, he has totaled 36 catches for 300 yards and three touchdowns. That’s good for an average of 6 catches and 50 yards per game.

Below is a look at Kelce’s game-by-game stats in the games Swift hasn’t attended.

Date Opponent Catches Yards TDs
Sept. 17 at Jaguars 4 26 1
Oct. 8 at Vikings 10 67 1
Oct. 29 at Broncos 6 58 0
Nov. 5 Dolphins (Frankfurt) 3 14 0
Nov. 20 vs. Eagles 7 44 1
Nov. 26 at Raiders 6 91 0

And below is a look at his average stats with Swift in attendance and without her there.

Travis Kelce Catches Yards TDs
With Swift in attendance 6.8 79.9 0.3
Without Swift in attendance 6 50 0.5

Is there an explanation for Kelce’s slight statistical decline in these outings? Well, it’s worth noting that Kelce’s game against the Jaguars came after he missed the season opener with a knee injury. So he may not have been 100% in that contest.

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And in the Chiefs’ loss to the Broncos, it was Mahomes who wasn’t 100%. He was dealing with the flu and had one of his worst-ever days as a passer as a result, which hampered Kelce.

And Kelce proved in his two games without Swift against the Eagles and Raiders that he can still produce. That allowed him to close his gap in production, as he is now averaging just one catch and 28 yards fewer per game when she isn’t there.

Kelce didn’t have to worry about Swift not being attendance through the postseason, attending three playoff games and Super Bowl 58. The Chiefs delivered in her presence, winning 25-22 in overtimes against the 49ers.


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