Will Taylor Swift be at the Chiefs parade? How 2024 concert dates conflict with Super Bowl celebration

Just six months ago, the words Taylor Swift and Super Bowl would only be mentioned together in rumored talks of the halftime show. Now she’s an honorary world champion with the Chiefs.

Travis Kelce and Kansas City won their second straight title Sunday night, and Swift was in the stands at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium to cheer for her guy on the Chiefs. Unfortunately for Swifties turned football fans, the game signals the end of the season. Almost.

As champions, the Chiefs will host a victory parade celebrating their Super Bowl. It’s essentially an all-day event beginning at 11 a.m., and many school districts have already cancelled classes Wednesday. 

That all begs the question: Will Swift be there? Here’s what to know.

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Will Taylor Swift be at the Chiefs parade?

Sorry, Kansas City locals, but Swift likely won’t be at the Chiefs parade.

It’s not impossible for the singer to make it, but due to her Australian concerts this upcoming weekend, it’s unlikely she would be able to celebrate with Kelce in Kansas City and still make it to Melbourne for her Friday night concert.

Melbourne is 17 hours ahead of Kansas City, just as Tokyo is to Las Vegas. This time, though, Swift won’t have the advantage with the time zone change. She’ll practically lose time on the trip, which gives her less time to prepare for her concert.

Even if Swift were to leave Kansas City Wednesday evening, she would not arrive in Melbourne until early Friday morning. It would be an even tougher trip than the Tokyo to Las Vegas flight for the Super Bowl.

Still, never count out the mastermind.

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Kansas City to Melbourne flight time

There are no direct commercial flights from Kansas City to Melbourne, but flights from Los Angeles to Sydney are about 15 hours. Even if Swift were to make the direct connection on her private jet, it would probably be closer to 20 hours of travel.

While the singer puts on show-stopping performances just about every night, even with jet lag, going from Kansas City to Melbourne in such a short amount of time might be too big of a risk.

Taylor Swift tour dates 2024

Date Location
Friday, Feb. 16 Melbourne, Australia
Saturday, Feb. 17 Melbourne, Australia
Sunday, Feb. 18 Melbourne, Australia
Friday, Feb. 23 Sydney, Australia
Saturday, Feb. 24 Sydney, Australia
Sunday, Feb. 25 Sydney, Australia
Monday, Feb. 26 Sydney, Australia


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