How many people watched Super Bowl 58? Chiefs vs. 49ers marks the highest viewership in NFL history

Whether you tuned in for the football, Usher’s halftime show, or the Taylor Swift sightings, Super Bowl 58 delivered.

The big game between the Chiefs and 49ers did not disappoint on any level, drawing the highest viewership in Super Bowl history.

Kansas City needed a double-digit comeback and overtime to claim its second consecutive championship, as Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes marched the Chiefs down the field and found Mecole Hardman for the game-winning touchdown.

Superstar tight end Travis Kelce performed on and off the field, leading Kansas City with nine receptions for 93 yards before stealing the spotlight with another loud postgame interview and a kiss for Swift — the intimate moment a large chunk of the viewers were waiting for.

Even Usher’s halftime show lived up to expectations, running through his catalog of timeless hits while bringing out a list of stars from Alicia Keys to Ludacris and more.

The combination of all of these storylines resulted in the most-watched live television event in United States history. 

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How many people watched Super Bowl 58?

The Chiefs vs. 49ers Super Bowl drew 123.4 million average viewers on Sunday — the most-watched game in NFL history, up seven percent from last year’s Super Bowl. 

CBS also claimed it is the most-watched telecast ever. 

The pregame storylines roped viewers in from the start, from Patrick Mahomes looking to cement himself in the GOAT conversation to Kelce and his evolving love life with megastar Swift, which drew in a demographic the NFL has never reached before.

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The game itself kept viewers around. The 49ers jumped out to a double-digit lead, but there were six lead changes and two ties, leading to overtime to decide the outcome. Even in the extra period, San Francisco took a three-point lead and only needed one stop to win the Super Bowl, but it couldn’t prevent Mahomes from doing what he does best.

Usher’s halftime show was also a draw, headlining an R&B and pop star who transcends multiple generations with hits that can be recalled by both young and old.

Super Bowl 58 was the perfect storm for the NFL, and the viewership numbers reflected that.

Most watched Super Bowls ever

Official viewership

Year Matchup Network Views (millions)
2024 Chiefs 25, 49ers 22 (OT) CBS 123.4
2015 Patriots 28, Seahawks 24 NBC 114.44
2023 Chiefs 38, Eagles 35 Fox 114.21
2014 Seahawks 43, Broncos 8 Fox 112.19
2016 Broncos 24, Panthers 10 CBS 111.86

TV ratings

Year Matchup Network Rating
1982 49ers 26, Bengals 21 CBS 49.1
1983 Redskins 27, Dolphins 17 NBC 48.6
1986 Bears 46, Patriots 10 NBC 48.3
2015 Patriots 28, Seahawks 24 NBC 47.5
1978 Cowboys 27, Broncos 10 CBS 47.2

Total across all platforms

Year Matchup Network Views (millions)
2024 Chiefs 25, 49ers 22 (OT) CBS 202.4
2017 Patriots 34, Falcons 28 Fox 126.3
2018 Eagles 41, Patriots 33 NBC 119.9
2020 Chiefs 31, 49ers 20 Fox 118.5
2015 Patriots 28, Seahawks 24 NBC 115.8


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