Tiger Woods’ new brand, explained: TaylorMade reveals Sun Day Red logo, clothing line after Nike split

Out with the old, in with the new. 

After 27 years together, golf legend Tiger Woods and Nike have split, and there is a new partner in town — TaylorMade.

Woods and the company officially announced their partnership on Monday. Part of the new relationship between the two is the release of Woods’ new brand, “Sun Day Red.”

“I have learned so much over the years and have a lifetime of experience adjusting my apparel and footwear to help me play better based on the way it was constructed,” Woods said. “There are things that I could tell you that no one knew I was doing over the years. I’m ready to share those secrets with the world.”

The announcement comes three days before Woods is set to make his 2024 debut at the Genesis Invitational. It’s one of the premier events on the PGA Tour, and one that Woods is actually the tournament host for. 

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Here is more to know about Woods’ “Sun Day Red” brand and how TaylorMade is keeping the look alive. 

Tiger Woods’ new brand

Woods’ iconic Sunday look is coming back in 2024. 

The golfer and TaylorMade officially made the announcement on Monday, launching Woods’ “Sun Day Red” brand. It’s a reference to Woods’ iconic look of wearing a red polo on the final day of a golf tournament.

TaylorMade said the creation of the “Sun Day Red” brand included his 15 major championships being hinted at in the logo of a tiger stretched across the three words.

There were rumors in January about a potential launch of the new brand, but it wasn’t publicly announced until the week leading up to the Genesis Invitational. 

Why does Tiger Woods wear red on Sundays?

There are two reasons that Woods has said why he wears red on Sunday. 

The first one is simple. Like any other athlete, Woods has his superstitions, and the red look dates back to his college days at Stanford. 

“I’ve worn red ever since my college days basically, or junior golf days — big events on the last day,” Woods said. “I just stuck with it out of superstition, and it worked. I just happened to choose a school that actually was red, and we wore red on our final day of events. So it worked out.”

The other reason? It’s arguably the most compelling argument — his mother. 

“I wear red on Sundays because my mom thinks that is my power color,” Woods said. “You know, you should always listen to your mom.”

Why did Tiger Woods leave Nike?

There were rumblings about a potential breakup between Woods and Nike dating all the way back to the 2023 PNC Championship in mid-December. However, it wasn’t until early January that the decision became official. 

Woods posted a message On Jan. 8, about his relationship with Nike, stating that he and the sports company would be going their separate ways. 

“Over 27 years ago, I was fortunate to start a partnership with one of the most iconic brands in the world. The days since have been filled with so many amazing moments and memories, if I started naming them, I could go on forever. Phil Knight’s passion and vision brought this Nike and Nike Golf partnership together and I want to personally thank him, along with the Nike employees and incredible athletes I have had the pleasure of working with along the way. 

“People will ask if there is another chapter. Yes, there will certainly be another chapter. See you in LA!”

Nike confirmed the split in an Instagram post later the same day, with the caption on the photo reading, “It was a hell of a round, Tiger.”

Nike has reportedly been considering a move to shut down its entire golf division. The sporting company halted making golf equipment in 2016. Since then, Nike has strictly sold golf apparel.

Woods has been using clubs by TaylorMade, which does have an apparel section within the company. However, it’s quite limited — for now. With a new relationship forming with Woods, there could be a potential expansion into more clothing lines for the company. 


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