Willie Gay Jr. delights NFL fans with shirtless antics, interviews at Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Editor’s Note: This article was written before reports of a shooting at the conclusion of the Chiefs’ parade. The Sporting News has the latest news and updates on the shooting here.

Patrick Mahomes was the star of Super Bowl 58, but there’s little doubt that Willie Gay Jr. will be remembered as the star of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade.

Gay left no doubt that he was having a great time during the Chiefs’ celebration. In fact, he was having so much fun that he decided he didn’t need to get on a float before taking to the Kansas City streets.

Gay also decided he didn’t need a shirt or shoes to start the party. However, he brought with him his trusty bottle of Hennessy cognac as he jovially bounced down the middle of the street.

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Naturally, Gay’s antics thrilled the crowd, who cheered him on as he beckoned them by putting his hand to his ear.

Gay continued with his wild romp as he waited for the parade to begin. After some time, he lay on the ground to get some rest and soak in all the fun of the team’s Super Bowl celebration.

He remained without a shirt while lying in the middle of the street.

Eventually, KSHB 41 came over to interview Gay. His best response came after he was prompted about winning the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

“We own Vegas, baby,” he said, before purring like a cat and getting up.

Later, he spoke to another one of the reporters on the scene for KSHB and confirmed what all watching the parade already knew.

“Channel 41 news reporting live with Willie Gay Jr.,” Gay said. “And we’re lit baby!”

He then let out a soft “woo” into the microphone.

Gay is celebrating full force at Kansas City’s parade, and he has reason to do so. The four-year veteran logged four tackles in the Super Bowl to help secure his second title in as many seasons.

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Now the former second-round pick is set to cash in with a potentially sizable contract in NFL free agency.

It isn’t yet clear whether that deal will come with the Chiefs, so Super Bowl 58 may end up being Gay’s last hurrah with the team.

If it was, he is doing everything in his power to make sure that his parade display is something that Kansas City won’t soon forget.


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