Is the Pat McAfee Show on today? ESPN announces ‘scheduled break’ as SportsCenter takes over time slot

The NFL news cycle never takes a day off. But late February is pretty close to a dead period, with the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror and the start of free agency still weeks away

In the meantime, optimism is building among the 31 fan bases that didn’t get to celebrate a championship. The new league year will offer new hope for franchises, with free agency and the draft both presenting an opportunity for teams to stockpile talent.

Who is better at offering optimism than Pat McAfee? “The Pat McAfee Show” made plenty of headlines during the NFL season, and now the focus will turn to the NFL offseason in addition to other sports.

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When will you be able to watch “The Pat McAfee Show?” Here’s what you need to know about the show’s schedule going forward.

Is the Pat McAfee Show on today?

“The Pat McAfee Show” is not on today. McAfee and the crew will be off the air for a short break with the NFL season now over.

“SportsCenter” will replace the show on ESPN during its typical noon to 3 p.m. ET time slot.

Why is the Pat McAfee Show not on today?

“The Pat McAfee Show” is taking a scheduled break that runs from Monday, Feb. 19, through next Friday, March 1, according to a Feb. 19 announcement by ESPN.

That amounts to a two-week break for McAfee and his crew. While McAfee didn’t publicly comment about the break, ESPN says the show will return as scheduled on March 4.

The show has been embroiled in controversy at times in recent months, particularly after Jets QB Aaron Rodgers made inflammatory comments about late-night host Jimmy Kimmel in early January. Nonetheless, the network is calling the break “scheduled” and unrelated to any issue. 

And if there is any time for an NFL-heavy show to take a break, it might be these two weeks. Super Bowl 58 is more than a week old, and the offseason won’t be in full swing until early March, when McAfee returns.

While headlines can happen on any day, the show figures to focus heavily on free agency, April’s draft, and eventually the NBA playoffs as well. That makes late February an ideal time for a quick break before the action picks up again.

“SportsCenter” will fill the show’s time slot on weekdays through March 1. 

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Pat McAfee Show schedule

Date Time (ET) Channel
Mar. 4 12-3 p.m. ESPN (12-2 p.m.), ESPN+ (12-3 p.m.)
Mar. 5 12-3 p.m. ESPN (12-2 p.m.), ESPN+ (12-3 p.m.)
Mar. 6 12-3 p.m. ESPN (12-2 p.m.), ESPN+ (12-3 p.m.)
Mar. 7 12-3 p.m. ESPN (12-2 p.m.), ESPN+ (12-3 p.m.)
Mar. 8 12-3 p.m. ESPN (12-2 p.m.), ESPN+ (12-3 p.m.)

“The Pat McAfee Show” will resume on Monday, March 4, airing from 12-2 p.m. ET on ESPN and the full length (12-3 p.m. ET) on both YouTube and ESPN+.

The show is expected to continue airing regularly on weekdays after the break. 


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