LoL schedule and results 2024: eSports tournaments and competition format for League of Legends

The League of Legends 2024 season is under way.

Over the next few months the biggest names from the world of gaming will compete in a series of tournaments, venturing across the globe.

The action will build towards the League of Legends World Championship, which run from September-November.

The Worlds are the pinnacle of LoL Esports competition, and this year’s final leg takes place in London at the O2 arena.

Here, The Sporting News breaks down the 2024 season schedule:

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LoL 2024: LEC, LLA, LCK, PCS, LCS, CBLOL, VCS and LPL regional tournaments

Below is the list of the regional tournaments for the 2024 season. This will be updated as the titles are won.

LEC Winter

  • Dates: January 13-29
  • Location: Germany

LLA Spring

  • Dates: January 16-February 29
  • Location: Mexico

LCK Spring

  • Dates: January 17-March 24
  • Location: Korea

PCS Spring

  • Dates: January 19-March 3
  • Locations: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan

LCS Spring

  • Dates: January 20-March 10
  • Location: USA

CBLOL Split 1

  • Dates: January 20-March 17
  • Location: Brazil

VCS Spring

  • Dates: January 20-March 17
  • Location: Vietnam

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LPL Spring

  • Dates: January 22-March 27
  • Location: China

LEC Spring

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Germany

LLA Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Mexico

LCK Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Korea

PCS Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Locations: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan

LCS Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: USA

CBLOL Split 2

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Brazil

VCS Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Vietnam

LPL Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: China

LEC Summer

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Germany

LEC Grand Finals

  • Dates: Not yet scheduled
  • Location: Germany

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LoL 2024: International tournaments

Mid-Season Invitational

  • Dates: May 1-19
  • Location: China
  • Participating teams: LCK champions and runners-up, spring split champions of the remaining regions.

Saudi World Cup

  • Dates: July 2024
  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Participating teams: TBD

World Finals

  • Dates: September 25-November 2
  • Locations: Germany, France and England
  • Participating teams: Based on results at MSI

LoL Schedule and Results 2024

Schedule will be updated as tournaments and results are confirmed.

Tournament Dates Location Champion
LEC Winter 13/01-29/01 Germany G2 Esports
LLA Spring 16/01-29/02 Mexico  
LCK Spring 17/01-24/03 Korea  
PCS Spring 19/01-03/03 Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan  
LCS Spring 20/01-10/03 USA  
CBLOL Split 1 20/01-17/03 Brazil  
VCS Spring 20/01-17/03 Vietnam  
LPL Spring 22/01-27/03 China  
Mid-Season Invitational 01-19/05 China  
LEC Spring Not yet scheduled Germany  
LLA Summer Not yet scheduled Mexico  
LCK Summer Not yet scheduled Korea  
PCS Summer Not yet scheduled Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan  
LCS Summer Not yet scheduled USA  
CBLOL Split 2 Not yet scheduled Brazil  
VCS Summer Not yet scheduled Vietnam  
LPL Summer Not yet scheduled China  
LEC Summer Not yet scheduled Germany  
LEC Grand Finals Not yet scheduled Germany  
Saudi World Cup 07/2024 Saudi Arabia  
World Finals 25/09-02/11 Germany, France and England  


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