DJ Khaled beats Charles Barkley in golf before ‘The Match’: ‘Easiest game I’ver ever played’


They doubted DJ Khaled all day. Now, it’s victory.

The Grammy-winning DJ went toe-to-toe with Charles Barkley in a par-3, head-to-head golf contest before the start of “The Match.” Barkley won the first hole and claimed the victory.

But Khaled wanted a rematch, which he won. Then he claimed another one.

“I beat him. We played three games, I won two. Like, that was the easiest game I’ve ever played in my whole career,” Khaled said after the win.

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Monday’s match felt like a retelling of the Tortoise and the Hare. Barkley, a seasoned amateur golfer, felt confident in his ability to clear the bunker each time he teed off. He was successful the first time but unsuccessful the next two, which wound up costing him in both rounds.

Khaled took a much more conservative approach. He went with layups on all three, which paid off on the final two rounds, as that kept him out of the bunker and allowed him to slowly work his way to the hole each time.

Khaled had quite the ensemble for his match against Barkley. He had gloves, clubs, and towels reading, “We The Best.”

He also had a pair of Jordans on that were evidently special enough not to touch the ground as he left his car when arriving at the course.

Immediately following his win, Khaled challenged Rory McIlroy, one of the participants in The Match, to a nine-hole game.

“Rory, when me and you going toe-to-toe on the golf course? That’s right, when me and you going to be on the golf course and play 18 — nine, let’s play nine — just for fun and just for me to be around greatness so I can perfect my game,” Khaled said. 

McIlroy accepted the challenge, saying, “Any time.” BR Betting put the hypothetical odds of Khaled to win at 100 … to one, +10000. McIlroy’s odds were set at a modest -75000 to beat Khaled, perhaps a bit light for the winner of 24 PGA Tour events and four majors.


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