Raptors pizza party: Why team is celebrating after topping Pacers for third straight win

It took nearly three months, but the Raptors have finally earned their pizza party.

On Dec. 5, Toronto coach Darko Rajakovic promised his players an all-expenses-paid dinner if the team won three straight games. Over time, the idea turned into a pizza party, much to the delight of basketball fans on social media.

On Monday, the Raptors captured that third straight win, topping the Pacers 130-122 behind a triple-double from Scottie Barnes, setting up a feast at Pizza Pizza that’s sure to rival any 11-year-old’s birthday celebration.

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Raptors pizza party: Why team is celebrating after third straight win

“The story goes that I promised the guys early in the season that once we get three wins in a row that I take them to a nice dinner,” Rajakovic explained after the game. “But since we have such a group of humble guys, they’re just like, ‘We don’t need any fancy place. We can go for pizza.’ We’re going to negotiate where we’re going to go, but I’ll treat them to dinner for sure.”

The Raptors had come close to the pizza party before. Toronto won on Jan. 1 and 3 against the Cavs and Grizzlies, but they fell to the Kings in their next game. Toronto later beat the Hornets and Rockets on Feb. 7 and 9 before falling to the Cavs on Feb. 10.

Toronto ended its three-game skid with a win over the Nets on Feb. 22, then topped the Hawks in a 123-121 contest on Feb. 23. Three days later, a victory over the Pacers sealed the party.

Rajakovic explained he has simple pizza tastes. He prefers margherita pizzas — plain tomato sauce with mozzarella and basil — as his pies of choice.

What about pineapple?

“No,” Rajakovic emphatically responded.


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