What is the highest score in a women’s football match? Most goals scored and biggest margin in history

Football is typically a low-scoring game, but that hasn’t stopped there being some serious blowouts.

The Sporting News looks back at some of the most high-scoring games in the sport’s history.

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Most goals scored in a women’s soccer match

There have been five matches in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup that have seen teams score a staggering 21 goals in truly lopsided victories.

The most recent was Haiti’s demolition of the British Virgin Islands in 2022.

Match Score Year Stage
Japan vs. Guam 21-0 1997 AFC Championship Group A
Canada vs. Puerto Rico 21-0 1998 CONCACAF Championship Group A
New Zealand vs. Samoa 21-0 1998 OFC Championship Group A
Australia vs. American Samoa 21-0 1998 OFC Championship Group B
Haiti vs. British Virgin Islands 21-0 2022 CONCACAF Women’s Championship Qualification

Most goals scored by a team in a Women’s World Cup match

The record for most goals scored by a team in a Women’s World Cup match is held by the USA, a record they reached in 2019 when they defeated Thailand 13-0 in the group stages.

Star striker Alex Morgan scored five goals in that match.

The US women’s soccer team breaks a scoring record, handing Thailand the heaviest defeat in World Cup history https://t.co/EJRABZeH15 pic.twitter.com/WcB3IIb4n4

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) June 11, 2019

It surpassed the record previously held by Germany when they defeated Argentina 11-0 at the same stage in 2007.

Match Score Year Stage
USA vs. Thailand 13-0 2019 Group stage
Germany vs. Argentina 11-0 2007 Group stage
Germany vs. Ivory Coast 10-1 2015 Group stage
Switzerland vs. Ecuador 10-1 2015 Group stage
Sweden vs. Japan 8-0 1991 Group stage
Norway vs. Nigeria 8-0 1995 Group stage

Most combined goals scored in a Women’s World Cup match

The USA’s massive win over Thailand is also the most combined goals scored at a Women’s World Cup match, with Germany’s win in second place.

A notable high-scoring match where both teams scored was seen in the group stages of the 2007 World Cup when Norway defeated Ghana 7-2.


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