Kobe Bryant statue typos, explained: Lakers confirm embarrassing misspellings in box score honoring 81-point game

Someone needs to tell the engravers of the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant tribute statue that the job is not finished.

On Feb. 8, the team revealed the first of three statues honoring the late Los Angeles legend outside of Crypto.com Arena. The heartwarming ceremony included his wife, Vanessa, his former coach Phil Jackson and other iconic members of the franchise.

Two more statues are expected to be built and displayed outside the venue. Before that, though, there are a few corrections that need to be made to the first one.

Several typos on the artwork have been pointed out by viewers. Three spelling mistakes can be found in the box score that celebrates Bryant’s historic 81-point game. In the engravings, the last name of José Calderón, the first name of Von Wafer and the term “Coach’s Decision” are all spelled incorrectly.

Instead of Calderón, the figure has “Calderson,” and instead of Von, it’s spelled “Vom.” Decision is misspelled as “decicion.”

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The Lakers have reportedly been aware of the miscues for “a few weeks” and are already in the process of correcting the errors.

“We have been aware of this for a few weeks and are already working to get it corrected soon,” a Lakers spokesperson said in a statement Monday.

The box score is one of a number of unique features added to the statue at the request of Vanessa Bryant. She was consulted on the design of the statue, making sure to add certain details to the piece in honor of her late husband.

One such feature recommended by Vanessa Bryant is the tattoos on Kobe’s arm. At the time the moment commemorated by the statue occurred in 2006, not all of Bryant’s children were born yet, but the names of all of his daughters are included.

“Although some of our girls weren’t born at the time of that particular moment, that specific detail is for Kobe,” Bryant said at the ceremony in February.

In addition, the statue features Bryant’s five NBA championship trophies and his career accolades. There is also a QR code connected to the statue that can be used to watch his highlights.

One final piece that Vanessa shared was the shape of the base. While the bottom of a statue typically does not hold much meaning, the base of this sculpture is a triangle, which is an ode to Bryant, Tex Winter, and Phil Jackson. Winter developed what was called the “Triangle Offense,” and it was used heavily by Jackson when he was coaching Kobe and the Lakers.

“Clearly, it was that trio’s favorite shape,” Bryant joked. “As a matter of fact, Kobe and Tex spoke so much about scoring within the triangle offense that I often see triangles in my sleep. Now, you’ll get to think of them, too.”

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In addition, the pose chosen for the statue is Bryant pointing to the crowd following his historic 81-point performance in 2006 against the Raptors. It remains the second-most points scored in an NBA game, trailing only Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point outing.

It’s unclear when the next two statues will be revealed by the Lakers. However, it was announced that one would be of the former shooting guard sporting No. 24, and the third would have both Kobe and his daughter, Gigi, who died in the same 2020 helicopter crash as her father.

Let’s hope that by the time the next two pieces of art are finalized, the first sculpture will be fixed up.


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