What number will Kirk Cousins wear with Falcons? Kyle Pitts owns No. 8 jersey in Atlanta

Kirk Cousins is headed south, joining the Falcons on a massive four-year, $180 million contract after six seasons with the Vikings. Will the 35-year-old quarterback be able to take his No. 8 with him?

Cousins donned the No. 8 jersey throughout his stint in Minnesota, as well as during his last four years in Washington. Quarterbacks tend to be particular about superstitions and jersey numbers, though four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers proved change is possible when he turned down the opportunity to wear his traditional No. 12 last season after joining the Jets.

Cousins could very well wear No. 8 again in Atlanta, but there is one obstacle standing in his way.

Here are the latest updates on what number Cousins will wear with the Falcons in 2024.

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What number will Kirk Cousins wear with the Falcons?

It’s unclear which number Cousins plans to wear in Atlanta, but he can’t just walk in on day one and expect No. 8. That number belongs to tight end Kyle Pitts, who has worn No. 8 since he was drafted fourth overall in 2021.

Could Pitts give up No. 8 for his new quarterback? Of course — but it’s unclear whether Cousins will ask for it.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio mentioned days before Cousins joined the Falcons that Pitts and the 35-year-old quarterback were already in communication about No. 8. But Pitts seemed to shoot that report down quickly.

Pitts wore No. 84 at Florida, but that number was owned by Cordarrelle Patterson in Atlanta over the last three seasons. With Patterson now a free agent, perhaps there is a seamless transition in store.

Cousins was once on the other end of a number change when he was just a backup quarterback in Washington. He started his career wearing No. 12 but gave it up to wide receiver Andre Roberts before the 2014 season and settled on No. 8 instead.

If Cousins wants No. 12, it’s available. That number belonged to WR KhaDarel Hodge in 2023, but Hodge is a free agent. 

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Kirk Cousins jersey number history

Number Years Team(s)
12 2012-13 Washington
8 2014-23 Washington, Vikings

Cousins has worn No. 8 for the last 10 seasons, dating back to his days as Robert Griffin III’s backup in Washington. 

While Cousins was given No. 12 when he was drafted, he wore No. 8 during his high school days as well as during his career at Michigan State. Rex Grossman wore No. 8 for Washington when Cousins was drafted. 

Cousins told the Washington Post he planned to stick with No. 8 even when Grossman left, but the arrival of Roberts changed his course. Roberts offered a donation to Cousins’ football camp in exchange for No. 12, and the rest is history.

Given Cousins’ lengthy history with No. 8, it’s certainly possible he could look to work out a deal with Pitts and keep the number in his new city.


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