Mike Gesicki griddy: Ja’Marr Chase offers to help new Bengals teammate with touchdown dance

Ja’Marr Chase is an expert at the griddy. Mike Gesicki has, well, attempted it in the past.

Gesicki has taken his touchdown dance from Miami to New England, and at every stop, it’s been among the cringiest celebrations in the league. Now, he’s headed to Cincinnati, where he’ll have some help from one of the original griddy dancers.

Chase offered on X (formerly Twitter) to help the tight end, who agreed to sign a one-year, $3.25 million deal with Cincinnati on Tuesday, with his dance moves.

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Gesicki, for his part, seems open to receiving some lessons, and he made it clear the dance moves are certainly coming back in 2024.

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Mike Gesicki griddy timeline

The griddy has been a popular dance in the NFL since Chase’s LSU teammate, Justin Jefferson, arrived in the league. Gesicki was among the players to adopt it.

His goofy griddy appears to date back to 2022, when he caught a touchdown in Week 2 against the Ravens. He quickly ran out flashing the OK symbol with his hands, adding some little high kicks. It was bad enough that even he acknowledged there was work to be done to get better.

He tried the dance again later in the year, this time against the Vikings in Week 6, and it drew the attention of Chase.

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In what proved his final game with the Dolphins, Gesicki busted the dance move back out after catching a touchdown against the Bills in the playoffs.

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The griddy didn’t go away when he left Miami for New England on a one-year deal. Instead, it was perhaps made worse by another failed griddy artist, Mac Jones, whose dance moves have also at times been derided around the league.

Facing the Bills again, Gesicki caught a touchdown to put the Patriots up 29-25 with 12 seconds left in the Week 6 matchup. He again brought the dance moves back out, this time not even getting the OK gesture to his head and instead keeping it at his legs.

“It was cool to be able to go out there and make that play and then do the world’s fastest and probably most embarrassing gritty,” Gesicki said after the game. “So that was fun. I can’t wait to see a replay of that and see all the mentions of me on my Instagram of me getting just absolutely harassed by fans.”

It’s safe to say, Gesicki’s dance moves still need plenty of help, but Chase is about as qualified a teacher as anyone.

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