Travis Kelce details experience in Singapore for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, including giant greenhouses

It’s safe to say that Travis Kelce is making the most of the start of the 2024 NFL offseason. 

The Chiefs tight end is coming off his third Super Bowl win after Kansas City knocked off San Francisco in overtime during Super Bowl 58 about a month ago. Since then, his travels have taken him not just all over the country, but all over the globe, as well. 

Kelce’s latest destination was Singapore, where he got to see his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, perform twice at National Stadium in Kallang as a part of her iconic Eras Tour. He was caught on video jamming out to a number of her hits, and the two were also seen embracing after one of her performances. 

While seeing Swift perform live might be the highlight of a trip for a majority of people, that might not be the case with Kelce. The Kansas City star has attended her concerts on multiple occasions, so this was not the first time seeing Swift perform live. 

What was the highlight of Kelce’s Singapore excursion? The greenhouses. 

Kelce and his brother, Jason, discussed his recent trek to Singapore on the latest episode of their podcast, New Heights. While the tight end had nothing but positive reviews for Swift’s concerts, he seemed particularly excited to talk about the plants he saw in the country. 

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“I got to check out the world’s largest greenhouse, how about that?” Kelce said. “I’m a huge plant guy. I love seeing f—ing enormous trees … it was cool as f—. They had the world’s biggest waterfall in a greenhouse, too. It was awesome.

“The way the whole thing was laid out, it was a very controlled space and everything was blooming at the same time. It was so f—ing unique and so nice.” 

In addition to the greenery, Kelce also raved about the country’s architecture and, you’ll never guess it, the lighting. 

“They have the Marina Bay Sands where it looks like a boat is on the top of three pillars,” Kelce said. “That thing is advertised, just absolutely cool as s— to look at.

“… I was amazed by the lighting on the street. It’s just so thought out. I don’t know. Everything over there just seems so nice … obviously you’ve got the street lights, but the building lights, the bus stops, the lighting that they have over there is just very nice. We don’t have that in America … everything over there is just high tech, and you can tell it’s well planned out from an architectural standpoint.”

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It’s the second time since the football season ended that Kelce has ventured to the other side of the world. He was also in Australia in February to take in a Swift show in Sydney, and he got to explore a bit Down Under. 

Kelce and Swift have both become household names in the United States at this point. However, with the singer’s massive international appeal, don’t be surprised if Kelce’s global fandom continues to grow. 


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