Was Stephen Curry crying? Warriors star gets emotional after Draymond Green’s latest ejection

The Warriors have endured a difficult 2023-24 NBA season. They are currently clinging to the No. 10 seed in the Western Conference and a spot in the NBA play-in tournament.

Golden State faced a tough test Wednesday against the Magic on the road. It got even tougher when Draymond Green was ejected less than four minutes into the contest after a jawing match with the officials.

Green’s ejection was a breaking point for Warriors star Stephen Curry. He was visibly upset after his teammate was tossed and pulled his jersey over his face while rubbing it.

Curry emerged from his jersey red-eyed, making many wonder just how emotional he was about needing to carry the Warriors sans Green.

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Here’s what to know about Green’s ejection and Curry’s emotions as he powered the Warriors to a 101-93 win over the Magic.

Was Stephen Curry crying?

Curry was clearly exasperated after Green’s ejection. Curry walked over to the Warriors bench after his teammate was tossed and repeatedly shook his head as teammate Trayce Jackson-Davis tried to console him.

Shortly after leaving the bench, Curry pulled his jersey over his head and rubbed his eyes through the fabric. He emerged red-faced after several seconds, leading many to believe he was crying.

Curry explained why he was so emotional after Green’s ejection during postgame media availability in the Warriors locker room.

“We know how important this part of the season is [for] our ability to get into a rhythm and secure a play-in opportunity and give ourselves a shot,” Curry explained. “You don’t wanna have self-inflicted wounds when it comes to that.”

We all care. We’re all passionate about the game and our chances to have something to play for down the stretch. You give everything you got to this game, and that’s the emotion.

And his thoughts about Green’s early exit in a critical game?

“All I’ll say is we need him,” Curry said. “He knows that. We all know that. So whatever it takes for him to be on the floor and available, that’s what’s gotta happen. Especially at this point of the year.”

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Why was Draymond Green ejected?

Green was ejected after picking up back-to-back technical fouls while arguing a foul that officials called on teammate Andrew Wiggins.

Green wasn’t involved in the play, but he didn’t take kindly to the call. He got into an animated discussion with Ray Acosta and received a technical foul. He then continued to bark at the officials — even despite Curry and Chris Paul’s attempts to intervene — and that led him to pick up a second tech and earn an early exit.

After the game, crew chief Mitchell Ervin explained exactly what in Green’s argument led him to be ejected.

“After a prolonged diatribe, Green directed egregious profane language towards a game official,” Ervin said in a pool report.

Draymond Green ejection stats

Green’s ejection marked his fourth of the season in 47 games played. He has also missed 21 games this season because of suspensions that caused him to be away from the team.

Green’s first suspension came after he grabbed Rudy Gobert around the neck during a Warriors-Timberwolves game Nov. 14. Green was called for a flagrant foul and ejected from the contest.

In his sixth game back from that suspension, Green struck Jusuf Nurkic in the face against the Suns and was ejected from that contest. The NBA later suspended him indefinitely, citing his “repeated history of unsportsmanlike acts.”

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Green missed 16 games because of that suspension. He returned to the court Jan. 24 and enjoyed a relatively drama-free two-month stretch.

But after his ejection Wednesday, that calm period has ended. Now, the Warriors will simply hope that Green can limit his total ejections to four as they make a playoff push. If he can’t, he’ll become the first player to be ejected five times in a season since his former teammate Kevin Durant during the 2017-18 season.


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