Bills winners and losers after trading Stefon Diggs to Texans

The Buffalo Bills made a timeline-altering trade when they sent wide receiver Stefon Diggs and two day three picks to the Houston Texans for the 42nd overall pick. That move signals a change in how the Bills see their timeline to potentially win a Super Bowl.

As we take a look at the trade as a whole, it’s hard to imagine the Bills as winners. They gave up a top 10 receiver in the NFL for a little bit more than a bag of peanuts. Let’s take a look at who the biggest winners and losers are.

Winner: Stefon Diggs

After multiple tweets that signaled he wanted out of Buffalo, Diggs gets his wish. He doesn’t just get to leave Buffalo but rather goes to the emerging team in the NFL the Texans. Diggs has experience in the system that the Texans run from his time in Minnesota. He should fit right in with C.J. Stroud and Nico Collins.

Loser: Josh Allen

Despite how volatile things had gotten with Allen, losing a wide receiver like Diggs is going to be a blow to the Bills offense. He made things easier for Allen in getting the ball down the field and opening up opportunities for other receivers. His shoes will be hard to fill and Allen will have more difficulty driving the ball down the field.

Loser: Sean McDermott

No matter how you spin it, this is bad for McDermott. He has done a great job of keeping this team together and getting the best out of them. However, this is one of those moves that raises a red flag about the future of the Bills under McDermott’s leadership. With Diggs being the final piece in a large exodus, McDermott’s job just got significantly harder.

Winner: Dalton Kincaid

The Bills might have just lost Diggs but they still do have some talent at the skill positions. There isn’t a player on the roster who will benefit more than 2023 first-round pick Dalton Kincaid. He saw a significant amount of usage in multiple alignments which will look to be even more so in 2024. There is still work to be done for the Bills, but Kincaid is a good start.


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