Former Vikings LB Anthony Barr tells hilarious story about Linval Joseph

Bonds form when you spend a lot of time in a locker room with your teammates. From those bonds come really good stories and some hilarious moments. In the world of sports, we often get to see those play out on the sidelines or at training camp.

Former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr has one of those stories. He went to Twitter asking “how we feelin” and was asked about his favorite memory in Minnesota. The response was incredible and referenced the Vikings getting stuck on the tarmac on the way to a game in Green Bay with Linval Joseph and his new suit being ruined.

Not only did Barr tell a hilarious story but he had the video of the banana stain to pair with it.

It’s hard to blame Joseph for being mad about his suit being ruined. It appeared on film to be a really nice suit. It also is a hilarious moment to come from a frustrating situation of being stuck on the runway.

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