Iowa’s Gabbie Marshall deletes social media after receiving ‘hate comments’ following win over UConn

The internet is a toxic place that allows anyone to spew their thoughts toward unwanted targets, especially when it comes to the sports world. Iowa senior guard Gabbie Marshall is the latest player on the receiving end of an unnecessary attack from the online community. 

Marshall revealed at her press conference on Saturday that she has received numerous hate comments online and has since deleted her social media. This comes after the Hawkeyes guard drew the questionable illegal screen call on Huskies star Aaliyah Edwards at the end of the Iowa-UConn Final Four game Friday night. 

“I’ve gotten a lot of hate comments,” Marshall said during Saturday’s media availability. “I don’t know. I’m not the one that made the call, so I’m not sure why they’re mad at me personally.”

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Why did Gabbie Marshall delete social media?

The call with four seconds remaining in the national semifinal drew quite a reaction from basketball players and fans. While it may have been the correct call by the book, there are some, including former UConn star Diana Taurasi, who felt as though the foul should not have been whistled at that point in the game. 

“When the right call’s the right call, it’s not fair to say you can’t make that call with 10 seconds left when you can make it with 10 minutes, or two minutes left,” Marshall said. “If it’s the right call, it’s the right call. It’s out of my control to make the calls, but personally, I thought it was an illegal screen, and it’s not like it was the first one of the game.”

As she has been all season long, Marshall was an integral part of Iowa clinching its spot in the national championship on Sunday, where Lisa Bluder’s crew face Dawn Staley’s undefeated South Carolina contingent. Marshall is known for her defensive prowess, and she was tasked with shadowing UConn standout Paige Bueckers on Friday night. 

She was following Bueckers on the Huskies’ final possession when she ran into Edwards, who was attempting to put a screen on Marshall in the hopes it would leave Bueckers open. Instead, the officials blew the whistle and Iowa gained control of the ball. 

“I’ve deleted social media,” Marshall said. “I feel like it just kind of overlooked the fact that I played my butt off the whole game trying to guard [Bueckers] — trying to get over screens the whole game — and feel like that one play just consumed everything.

“That’s all anyone’s talking about. They’re not talking about the fact that it was a great game between two great teams.”

Containing an offensive talent like Bueckers is no easy task, and Marshall was as successful in her job as Bluder could ask. The Huskies phenom was held to 17 points on 7-of-17 shooting, finishing with less than 24 points for the first time in her last eight games. 

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Bluder slammed those people who had taken their hate out on Marshall online, calling the attackers “immature.”

“It’s unbelievable to me that you’re gonna criticize a 22-year-old kid for something that she had no control over,” Bluder said. “I thought we handled that really well. We switched out onto it. I thought we were there to contest.

“I can’t believe people would be so immature as to attack a 22-year-old on doing their job and doing really, really well.”


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