Eli Manning hilariously roasts Yankees’ Paul O’Neill for bouncing first pitch

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning understands the gravity of throwing out the first pitch, which is why he didn’t let it slide when New York Yankees legend Paul O’Neill bounced his first pitch earlier this week.

O’Neill was bestowed the honor of throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, which was the Bronx Bombers’ first home game of the season. Lining up as his battery mate for the ceremonial first pitch was none other than fellow legend Don Mattingly, who currently serves as the bench coach for Toronto.

Despite years of showing off a cannon in right field, O’Neill inexplicably bounced his first pitch to Mattingly. In fact, it even rolled a bit before it reached the glove of nine-time Gold Glove first baseman.

Manning has been a part of the New York culture long enough to know that O’Neill doesn’t get a pass for that kind of showing. He made sure to poke some fun when he joined O’Neill and Michael Kay in the YES Network booth during Saturday night’s win.

Never change, Eli. 


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