Could Rams be interested in QB in the 2024 NFL Draft?

Could the Los Angeles Rams be interested in drafting a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft? One analyst certainly thinks so. 

Ari Meirov had this to say:

“Matthew Stafford is getting older in age. He’s had a lot of injuries over the course of his career. On top of that, Sean McVay played around with retirement a couple years ago and he was convinced to come back in the long-term to have all of these young players around him as they built a new era in Los Angeles. Is he looking at any of the quarterbacks in this draft with all those picks, including that first round pick?

It’s definitely a conversation worth having, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Rams did come away from the 2024 draft with a new rookie quarterback. The right one would have to fall, but given what we know about Stafford’s age and injury history, as well as their prior attempts at landing a quarterback, it does feel like the buzz is there for the Rams to draft one this year. 


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