NFL analyst gives Vikings fans reason to believe J.J. McCarthy is for real

Taking a quarterback of the future is a tough task. There are a lot of variables to consider when making that pivotal decision. Will they fit within your scheme? How about in the locker room? Do they have the requisite talent worthy of that type of investment?

General managers make their choice at quarterback every year and those who get it wrong often end up being fired. That is also why Minnesota Vikings fans and analysts have been dissecting what they will do at the quarterback position.

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky has been doing some film breakdowns on the quarterbacks in this class and released one on J.J. McCarthy on Wednesday morning that will likely get Vikings fans more excited.

“NFL concepts. NFL pockets. NFL movement. I think that’s the things teams consistently watch with McCarthy and that’s why who’s most ready and what not stands out and this guy’s gonna step out onto the field, specifically if he goes to Minnesota, and play well.”

Orlovsky breaks down two concepts in drive and dagger, both of which the Vikings use consistently over the middle. If you really want to dominate in the NFL, it’s all about taking advantage in the middle of the field.

You can watch his entire breakdown below.

[embedded content]


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