Adam Schefter names NFL Draft QB who Vikings would prefer

The NFL Draft is just 10 days away and who the Minnesota Vikings might take is a major topic of conversation. There have been mock drafts sending them all the way up to second overall and others with just a slight move up. The ideal scenario is that they stay at 11th overall and the quarterback falls right to them.

Now, that scenario is a dream scenario for the Vikings but one that could realistically happen. The likely scenario involves some form of trade-up to get their quarterback of the future. The Washington Commanders at second overall aren’t likely to trade, but the New England Patriots at three, Arizona Cardinals at four and Los Angeles Chargers at five are all likely trade partners.

Adam Schefter senses which QB Vikings would prefer 

The real question is who would the Vikings prefer at quarterback? That’s the million dollar question that we have to answer. Adam Schefter believes that the Vikings would prefer North Carolina’s Drake Maye and he said so on Mel Kiper Jr.’s mock draft special.

“I think that Drake Maye is the leader in the clubhouse, but it all depends on the team that you talk to,” Schefter said. “If Minnesota were to find a way to get up to three, my sense is that Drake Maye would be the preference. So if you’re New England you have to say, ‘OK, we’re at three. Do we take Drake Maye or do we trade back and get JJ McCarthy? What do we wanna do to come out of this with the quarterback we believe in?’”

This would be a massive win for the Vikings to get Maye, who fits everything that head coach Kevin O’Connell wants in a quarterback. The real question here is if the Vikings can get high enough to select Maye. Third overall could be difficult to acquire but Maye would be worth the pick.

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